Arduboy Calendar

I built a Calendar for the Arduboy. Sadly it is not finished yet. Two weeks were not enough time for me. You can go through all the dates but saving the notes to the eeprom is not implemented correctly.

Github Link

Thats it:
CalendarApp.ino.hex (46.8 KB)

Code follows after some debugging.


Wow that’s a snappy interface I love it! If you finish it up post up the update! :smiley:

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Wow, that interface is pretty slick.


Very nice it functions well on the system. I look forward to tracking appointments on my Arduboy!

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I hope there is a n update for this soon!


Recently I found some time to work on my code. I think this will be the first and my final commit. The code was written so fast that it could be my worst ever :laughing:

Writing and saving notes to EEPROM should work now.

I just added the github link with the source code.