Arduboy Clone Display Problem

Hey, I recently got an Arduboy and though it was great so I started making a homemade Arduboy in a Game boy casing with an Arduino and there is a strange issue with the display (I’m using Mr Blinky’s Homemade Package with an Ssd1309 OLED which works fine with UG8Lib - the issue only occurs with the Arduboy library). Also I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this so I’m sorry if it’s in the wrong place.

I just uploaded the breakout example with SSD1309 display selected and it runs fine. Are you sure you’ve selected SSD1309 for display? the swapped display effect is what you normally see if you upload a program for SSD1306 display

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Here are the settings I have selected. Do I just need to change these to use an Ssd1309 display or do I need to do anything else?

Those settings are fine. the other settings have no effect on the display. What game source did you use? I’ll try to recreate your situation then.

I tried the ArduBreakout and Hello World examples from both the Arduboy and Arduboy 2 libraries.

Have you installed the Arduboy library from the library manager or added the Arduboy library to your sketchbook library folder by any change? You need to remove those if you have.

Here’s a hex file I compiled for micro + SSD1309 display which runs fine here. Try uploading it and see if it works.
HelloWorld.ino.hex (26.0 KB) .

If the hex file works fine then I recommend to remove / reinstall the homemade package and / or Arduino IDE completely

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I’m sorry, I know it’s a stupid question but how can I upload the hex file? The Arduboy uploader tools don’t detect my Arduino Micro and Arduino Builder (a hex uploader I found on the internet) just throws an error saying that the COM port couldn’t be found (I’m on windows). I’ll try re-installing the Arduino IDE and the homemade package.
Edit: OK, that seems to have fixed the issue. Maybe some files were left over from the Arduboy libraries after I deleted them or maybe I forgot to delete one of the two libraries, but re-installing the IDE fixed it. Thanks for your help :grinning:


I’m fairly convinced that occaisionally the Arduino IDE doesn’t install correctly.
I can vaguely remember at least 3-5 occaisions where reinstalling the IDE has fixed uploading not working.

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I think it’s the (auto)updating that F’s things up.

I’m quite curious if some auto update or something otherwise was recently borked in Arduino. I’ve seen a rash of new issues pop up over the last few weeks over problems that cannot seem to be diagnosed.