Arduboy colors?

How could I get a red arduboy? Do they not make those anymore? Or was that exclusive to Kickstarter?

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Those were Kickstarter exclusive, sometimes you can find some on ebay…


Dang, well thanks… I looked on eBay and no luck on a color arduboy.

Sometimes people post here if they spot them on eBay but it’s a pretty niche product so I wouldn’'t wait around for one to pop up.

So I might as well get the original one? I seen that the colored ones have some technical problems as well as cosmetic, is this true?

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I don’t believe so … my understanding is that there were some issues with the dev kits but the coloured ones were fine. I could be wrong.

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Well either way it seems like the color ones are going to be real hard to come by… has anyone tried to customize their arduboy cosmetically?

Yes, you will need a red sharpie.

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The way you did the buttons look real nice! I think I might spray paint the inside of the clear case with Tamiya polycarbonate spray paint the metallic red color, hopefully I can figure out a way to paint the buttons as well.

Actually the translucent red spray paint might be better!

I’ve never understood why people call them ‘sharpies’.
Is it a brand name?

I think in Britain we just call them felt-tips (short for ‘felt-tip pens’).

Ah, so you’ve seen that other thread?

If so, be aware that it can go slightly wrong:

And if you can’t afford paint, there is a third option: :P

Yep … sure is.

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That explains a lot.
Using brand names to identify a product isn’t something people do much over here.
(With maybe one exception, but ‘vacuum’ is a bit of a mouthful.)

(If anyone ever asks me to pass them ‘a kleenex’ instead of ‘a tissue’…)

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That’s because you added an extra ‘c’ into it.

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The way my keyboard has been playing up today, I’m thankful there’s no q in it.

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Ha, yea I seen that green arduboy and it looks really cool, but how can it I bad? Does the paint come off? Or does it mess up the inside?

I don’t know, I haven’t tried it. Probably better to ask someone who has.
E.g. @Mr.Blinky, @fredster, @Pygasm, @flybat3, possibly others.
There’s quite a few examples in that thread.

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Some first run kickstarter units had the RGB LED installed upside down and lacked locktight on the screws.

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You paint the inside if it so no external wear will make it come off. If you get the Tamiya polycarbanite paint you will have great results. Make sure you tape off the inside of where the display is and us putty to cover the screw holes and LED area. I love my paint job and my blue arduboy is my daily driver. i keep it in my backpack all the time and it still looks great.

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The thing is sharpies are an order of magnitude better than normal chinese felt-tip marker.

Don’t think just because you drink massive amounts of tea you are more sophisticated that rest of the world :stuck_out_tongue: you probably do it too when saying: bubble wrap, jet ski, crock pot, breathalyzer, samboni, chapstick, popsicle, scotch, velcro, dumpster, etc 41 Brand Names People Use as Generic Terms | Mental Floss

My buttons melted with olium based paint… so be careful.

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