Arduboy colors?

All the tools are free on the Arduboy.


I’d like to put some music into the game but really mostly at the “final battle” part of the story. So the last game (if I decide to split the story into parts) would have space for a battle and music, not much story.

Have you worked though @crait’s tutorials? These are a great place to start.

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From what I’ve heard music takes an incredible amount of space.
I rarely bother with it.

It doesn’t require money, it requires time.

The only reason triple-A games are so expensive are because of the amount of time spend making them and number of highly skilled people working on them.
Those people have to be paid because they’re doing it for a job.

If you’re making the game in your free time then all it costs is your free time (and a bit of electricity, and obviously the cost of the Arduboy itself).
You develop the skills yourself using free resources,
and you just try your best to make what you can.

An 8-bit version maybe.

Although it’s best to stay away from copyrighted music if possible.
I doubt Metallica would come after you with a lawsuit, but theoretically they could do.

It’s an 8-bit monochrome console, you don’t need to hire an orchestra.

All the tools you need to make games are free, and the forums and the internet are full of freely accessible information, and there’s loads of experienced people here to give advice and help out.

You don’t have to pay a single penny, but you have to be willing to put time and effort in to learn the skills, and/or be prepared to team up with someone who does have the skills.

Before you go overboard with designing your game, try to make a simple game first and get to grips with the basics.

It always seems easy when you’ve got the idea in your head, but there’s a lot of work involved and it’s often hard to keep motivated.
You can’t just jump in and make something amazing overnight, you have to develop the skills first.

Fortunately there’s people here who can help and offer advice,
so it will be easier than if you were trying to do it all on your own.

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Great advice. A Tetris or a breakout or something like that might not seem exciting, but you’ll learn a ton and be better equipped to take on your dream game

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Unless you are napster … in which case they will definitely come after you.

The good thing is that the songs are almost unrecognisable once converted (maybe not with ATMLib but definitely the other libraries) so there is little risk of a lawsuit.

Even Tic Tac Toe (or Noughts and Crosses).

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I had heard of the napster thing, but I didn’t realise one of the lawsuits was from metallica.

Thanks for the advice! Yea I know for a fact it will take some type to make a complex story line but I will try and start with little things first and work my way up. I just got my arduboy today a few hours ago, it started off with Sirène. Y’all have any advice on a fun game to play?

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I’d say that tripple A’s cost lay in marketing esp. since the devs are criminally underpaid. Besides most of them are just rehashed montinized versions of previous games running off the same engine.

Metallica copped a lot of criticism at the time for their ‘heavy handed’ approach to Napster. This was at their height and people were saying that they were just money hungry. I cannot see how you can criticise someone for protecting their interests …

Totally not biased suggestions:

Some other picks:

And anything from the three game jams:

Some companies do at least try to keep things at top quality still.
Sadly as time goes by companies are getting more and obsessed with money grabbing tactics like loot boxes and freemium.

That’s one of the reasons consoles like the Arduboy are doing quite well - buy the console, get 200-odd games for free, plus the opportunity to write your own.

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Thanks for the praise!


Nice I’ll try them out

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Does anyone know how to download the arduboy uploader?

Which one?

If you intend to write your own games then you’re better off just using the Arduino IDE:

Though some people have reported issues with v1.8.7and v1.8.6, so you might be better off getting v1.8.5 from the archive:

I’d also recommend moving to VSCode and the Arduino extension once you’ve learned the basics.

It’s really not any different from a game company scapegoating pirates when their latest dribble doesn’t sell as many copies as the previous. They’re counting losses in pennies compared to what the actual revenue is.

Also it’s mostly Lars that’s obsessed with copyright out of the band.

Have you tried any other plugins for other ide’s? Visual studio is nice but I can’t use it on my laptop so I’ve moved away from it. I know netbeans has one.

VSCode != Visual Studio.

There is a Visual Studio plugin, but I’ve never used that.
I tried the one on VSCode and it worked pretty much out of the box, so I’ve never tried anything else.

(Atom might have one I guess?)

I didn’t realize there was an opensource version
I’ll have to try that now. Does the plug-in give you flash and ram usage like the Arduino ide?

It’s not the same as Visual Studio, it’s a more lightweight editor.
It’s not supposed to be a full blown IDE, it’s a text editor designed to be enhanced with extensions.

Yep. It actually requires the IDE environment to be installed because it basically just hooks on to the same programs that the IDE does.
Essentially it’s doing the same job as the IDE, but it’s a much better text editor.