Arduboy colors?

(Scott) #21

And there are many “knockoffs” that go to lengths to (somewhat legally) appear to be real Sharpies.

(Pharap) #22

I’ve genuinely never seen them in the shop.
Or if I did,they were either under a different name or I just didn’t notice the brand.
(The latter is very likely, I don’t tend to pay attention to brands unless it’s computer/electronics stuff or I found something I particularly liked.)

Fun fact: Turkey and Ireland drink more tea than us.
(And depending on your source, also Morocco and Mauritania.)

Clearly every Irish house has a Mrs. Doyle.
(Warning: Contains Irish minced oaths that sound suspciously like swearing.)

Pedantry ho

Aparently there is no non-trademarked alternative.
All the alternative names are trademarked.
(It’s been years since I’ve had any.)

This is a case of ‘the real name is too long’.
Does anyone actually call it a ‘personal water craft’?
In fairness, I’ve sometimes heard it called a ‘water scooter’.
(I’ve never been on one.)

Always ‘slow cooker’, never ‘crock pot’. (Unless playing Don’t Starve.)
(I’ve never used one.)

Firstly, there’s no alternative name in use.
Secondly, it gets spelled ‘breathalyser’, which circumvents the trademark at least. :P
Thirdly, I really wish it had been called the ‘drunkometer’ like the 1930s Indiana University version.
(And fourthly, I’ve never used one.)

‘Skip’, ‘dustbin’ or ‘bin’.

(Occaisionally it finds use in the idiom ‘dumpster diving’, but that’s quite a modern addition that only has traction because there wasn’t already an idiom for it.)

(I have used one.)

No. Never. Not even once. ‘Ice lolly’ always.

(I have eaten many.)

Scotch isn’t a brand name, it’s just a specific way of making whiskey.
Malted barley, oak barrels etc.

(I’ve never drunk any.)

This is another case of ‘the proper name is too long’.
(Though I do think my sewing teacher called them ‘hook and eye fasteners’, unless I’m getting it mixed up with ‘hook and eye closures’.)

(I can’t really avoid this one.)

I still don’t know what this is even after asking the internet.
The philidelphia cheese steak thing, or the ‘zamboni’ ice resurfacer?
(Evidently I’ve never eaten/used one?)

I think we call this ‘lip balm’, but I’ve only ever used it once so I’m not sure.

In conclusion, I’m a very boring person for not having used half of these things and I must live a very sheltered life :P

Also, I was at least partly right, we use significantly less genericised brand names than other countries appear to.
I don’t know if it’s cultural differences or if it’s lack of exposure to the brands, but the difference exists.

(Erwin) #23

Scotch tape you bloody drunk

(Pharap) #24

I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never seen/used it. I’m not even sure if it’s sold in Britain.
I checked and it seems it’s equivalent to what we’d call ‘sticky tape’ or just ‘tape’.
(Sometimes ‘sellotape’, but I think that might be more of a generational thing.)

If someone in Britain says ‘scotch’, they almost certainly mean scotch whiskey.
Don’t blame me, blame a nation of (supposed) drunkards. :P

(Even though we don’t even make the top 10 of any alcohol consumption lists…
So this is even further off than the tea drinking stereotype. :P)

(Angel Ramos) #25

Thanks! It looks real cool like that, I’d have to get the “translucent” type of spray paint tho right? I’d like to see the inside of the arduboy still… is that what you used for the blue one?

(Matt) #26

I’ll just drop this gem:

(fred ) #27

This is what I used.


I can recommend to clean the case with polycabonate cleaner first before spray painting the case.

What are they complaining about? if everybody would call it hook and loop they would not make much money on Velcro and brand licencing. Maybe they wouldn’t even exist anymore and everybody would get their stuff from the hooky loops company :stuck_out_tongue:

OK back on topic,

make sure you mask off the inside of the display area properly with masking tape. Push it down firmly in the corners so no paint gets a chance to crawl (leak) underneath it.

(Pharap) #29

Quite amusing as far as ad campaigns go.

Also that song reminded me, we don’t call them ‘band aids’, we call them ‘plasters’ (from the Latin ‘emplastrum’, meaning “a plaster/bandage”).

(If you hear anyone in Britain talking about ‘band aid’, they’re talking about the played-to-death 80s Christmas song.)

The real solution is to give your product a different name to the company. :P
(Although that didn’t entirely work for Sony and Nintendo…)

Oh wait, nevermind. It doesn’t work.

(Matt) #30

The problem is if everyone calls it “velcro”, then the word velcro can lose its trademark status. Once that happens, every company that makes hook and loop fasteners can call their’s “velcro”, and at that point the velcro company would just be one of many “velcro” manufacturers. They’d lose their brand name edge.

This happened to aspirin, trampoline and some others:

(Pharap) #31

Got to love the irony that the common name for a class A drug is actually a genericised brand name.
(Also, more justification for the hatred of the word ‘app’. Huzzah!)

(Matt) #32

“acetylsalicylic acid” doesn’t really roll off the tongue :slight_smile:

Poor @angel_ramos123’s thread has been derailed quite nicely. But the moderators are complicit! :smiley:

(Angel Ramos) #33

Haha! I just assumed threads end up causing different topics within themselves :joy:, i May try a different color besides red because the buttons are already red and I rather them pop out like the blue arduboy!

(Angel Ramos) #34

Just a random question about the arduboy game making… could you make a game with a whole story line? Like subtitles on characters? Is there a limit to the size the game would have to be?

(Pharap) #35

I was talking about diamorphine. Acetylsalicylic acid is legal.

(I didn’t realise ‘class A’ was only a national standard, I thought it was at least an EU standard. Basically we have various classifications of illegal drugs, with A being the most serious. They’re quite a problem where I live.)

I’ve been doing that a lot today. I’m a bad influence.
I’d cut it all out and migrate it if there weren’t so many mixed comments.
At least I won’t be accused of not having a personality :P (I hope…)

Anyway, I’ll make up for it now by being a useful source of information…

It would depend on the size of the game.

@eried’s back to the jungle game jam entry had a short plot.

You could make a game that’s all story (which is something I started doing once before getting sidetracked).

For an example of that, there’s @JuiceLizard’s the guy who never complains, though it doesn’t really have a plot as such.
It’s something nobody has tried since though, and I for one would like to see more stories/VNs around.


There are three kinds of memory:

  • Progmem (a.k.a. ‘flash’ or ‘ROM’) stores all the read-only program code and data
  • RAM stores the dynamic data (including the large frame buffer)
  • EEPROM is used for ‘saving’ your game.

Each type of memory has a hard limit:

  • 28672 bytes of progmem
    • (actually 32768, but 4096 is used by the bootloader)
  • 2560 bytes of RAM
    • of which just over 1000 is used by the frame buffer and the Arduboy2 state, as well as some being needed for a thing called the stack
  • 1024 bytes of EEPROM.

But how complex a game can be depends on how it’s built.
There are lots of tricks for saving memory.

Also, sorry for derailing the thread so much.
We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.
(Or should that be hardwaring? There’s no programming going on yet…)

(Matt) #36

Sure, you can do that. Showing the subtitles will require two things:

  1. something that can draw text to the screen. There are many solutions to this problem. All of them take up a bit of space.
  2. the actual lines of dialog. Rough rule of thumb, each character will take up one byte. There are things you can do to squeeze letters into fewer bytes, but overall it’s a decent rule of thumb.

#1 is basically a sunk cost, just about every game has at least some text in it, so you gotta spend the space here almost no matter what.

#2 will vary by how much dialog you add to the game. If you want like SNES RPG amounts of dialog, you’d probably find you’ll run out of space. But I’d be willing to bet you could squeeze in a decent sized story.

(Angel Ramos) #37

Well the the story I’d like to accomplish is a story of a kid that slowly realizes that he was put on earth by grey aliens… in order to defeat a reptilian army and save planet earth from destruction. And have some game play of that kid using a sword to chop up reptilians left and right.

(Angel Ramos) #38

Basically like he try’s to tell his family what’s going on and how aliens r showing him signs and how he trains for 2 years in order to be ready for a war

(Pharap) #39

What genre? RPG? Top-down hack and slash? Side-scrolling platformer?
The genre will affect how much memory you have left over for plot.

(Angel Ramos) #40

Top to down, or what would be the best one for a good amount of story