Arduboy colors?

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Nice I’ll try them out

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Does anyone know how to download the arduboy uploader?

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Which one?

If you intend to write your own games then you’re better off just using the Arduino IDE:

Though some people have reported issues with v1.8.7and v1.8.6, so you might be better off getting v1.8.5 from the archive:

I’d also recommend moving to VSCode and the Arduino extension once you’ve learned the basics.


It’s really not any different from a game company scapegoating pirates when their latest dribble doesn’t sell as many copies as the previous. They’re counting losses in pennies compared to what the actual revenue is.

Also it’s mostly Lars that’s obsessed with copyright out of the band.


Have you tried any other plugins for other ide’s? Visual studio is nice but I can’t use it on my laptop so I’ve moved away from it. I know netbeans has one.

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VSCode != Visual Studio.

There is a Visual Studio plugin, but I’ve never used that.
I tried the one on VSCode and it worked pretty much out of the box, so I’ve never tried anything else.

(Atom might have one I guess?)


I didn’t realize there was an opensource version
I’ll have to try that now. Does the plug-in give you flash and ram usage like the Arduino ide?

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It’s not the same as Visual Studio, it’s a more lightweight editor.
It’s not supposed to be a full blown IDE, it’s a text editor designed to be enhanced with extensions.

Yep. It actually requires the IDE environment to be installed because it basically just hooks on to the same programs that the IDE does.
Essentially it’s doing the same job as the IDE, but it’s a much better text editor.