Arduboy Community Web API

I enjoy Web APIs and since it isn’t explicitly documented on this site I thought I’d share my findings.

This might be obvious to some, but I have noticed a theme where a lot of new developers are starting out learning development with Arduboy. I feel this post would be educational to those who don’t know these things exist.

This site runs Discourse, which is a forum engine. Like any CMS worth one’s salt it has a decent Web API where you can access content via URL routes in a JSON** format. It is all the raw data that a request can give or sent by a HTTP request.

Here is a basic GET for all users on this site. Open in a new tab. Here is a formatted example to traverse if you like.

I was able to figure this out by using the site BuiltWith*** and from there I found the CMS in which it ran. A few more searches and here is the API docs.

Now, what would you do with this knowledge? I was about to start creating a Xamarin app, but found apps (Android/iOS) far greater than I could develop in my free time. I personally will be creating a way to archive the content of the site with the blessing of @bateske. :P

What’s fun about Web APIs is that it allows you to get data and perform programmatically and not through the site’s UI/UX. So, really, you can start being creative in what you want to do with this site’s content. Not to spam or be annoying, but create ways to improve a site with it’s API or as a platform to learn.

Please, reach out to me if you would like further explanation on this topic.

Incoming Soapbox…

In addition to learning games development and C++ I recommend expanding your learning with using this site by creating calls to it with C++ or any language you prefer. It is a very important skill to have in your toolbox as a young developer. I personally believe in being diverse and not hyper focusing on a technology such as games development or single language.

Learning new languages or technologies is like drinking from a fire hose. Embrace it because things move fast and will continue to.

Be the best and obsess.

**There are other formats that Web APIs use, but JSON is the most prevalent. XML is another you could look into if you like.
***BuiltWith is a great tool when wanting to learn what a site uses.

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Yeah I use the webapi to grab the top community threads for the front page of :slight_smile:

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