Arduboy couldn't be recognized by win10

arduboy couldn’t be recognized by win10 no matter how I run my arduino as Sudo it still doesn’t work

It doesn’t pop up as a device for me, I just get the connected device sound, but it appears in the arduino ide, is the arduboy powered up when you connect it?


It sounds like @Tachikoma has the right idea. Also, it’s easy to confuse a power usb for data, so make sure you are using a data micro-usb cable (if you plug your phone in with the cable, you will be able to transfer files and not just charge the device).

So yeah, see if the Arduino IDE recognizes it (the Arduboy does need its power on for the PC to recognize it), and if not, see if you can find a new cable. I personally am using Win 8 here, but have not heard of problems with Win 10 yet, so I bet you are there.

Also, there is no place where you will need to escalate priviliges with the Arduboy. Never ever run your client as root (sudo) and leave file access the same. You should add yourself to the right system groups and not just escalate your privilege to root (for handling the Arduboy).

Do let us know what you try, we would like to figure out what may or may not be the problem with this Arduboy so we can do our part in getting you programming : )

Thank you! I was frantcially changing cables without actually checking that my Arduboy was showing up in the IDE! Turns out Win10 wasn’t showing it, but it was working all along in the IDE so I was worrying about nothing!

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