Arduboy Crank Mod

Nah, this is just a personal project, if you’d like to get an Arduboy and do it yourself then go for it!

As far as actual plans for a rotary encoder, there might be something later this year that you can play with.

But, sorry to disappoint the only thing for sale right now is the bog standard Arduboy.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to look that good.
It’s ended up looking much better than expected.
Surprisingly yellow suits the Arduboy.

I don’t remember contributing anything particularly useful.
(I’m not complaining though. :P)

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This is so good :laughing::green_heart:

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In the interest of open design, if anyone wants to replicate this here is the schematic for the encoder:


The encoder pins are on 2 and 3 and the button is connected to the reset.

You’ll have to build the flash mod according to the instructions in this post:

And this is the flash cart bin you’ll need to flash onto it:

yellowcart.bin (1.5 MB)


Isolated the FMV portion of the video


Maybe you could show a image of the rotary encode with the pins labeled? It is not clear which pin of the rotary encoder is what.

Thats what data sheets are for!

Second result on google image search:

Good news! Am I going to receive the three “Ardugirls” I paid for? Will my games be on it? “The guy who never complains”, “Cutie E” and “Square Nose”. (I am adding new features to this last one.)

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I think you can see where we are going.

That still doesn’t tell us if D2 is connected to out A or out B

If you’re looking for another crank mod game you could always patch Bone Shakers and use the crank to pedal the unicycle!


Rotary encoder version’s source is here.

Last year, I modified my SanSan’s D&U(Dungeons & Unicycles) for rotary encoder.
Perhaps you can also play with Arduboy Crank Mod.

Maybe some modification is needed in this part:

// (dandu_rot.ino)
#define ENC_A  3
#define ENC_B  0
#define ENC_SW  2

arduboy.flipHorizontal(true);       //-> remove

attachInterrupt(0, ENC_READ, CHANGE);
attachInterrupt(1, ENC_READ, CHANGE);
attachInterrupt(2, ENC_READ, CHANGE);

Adafruit trying to stir up some trouble:


“Arduboy looks like the gadget equivalent of a home haircut.”

Sounds about right; it’s fun and affordable!

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Oh snap … them’s fighting words lol. In all seriousness though these are all sort of niche, hobbyist products so I don’t get the whole “lets put down a competitor even though our consumer base probably includes them”. Reminds me of how sega and atari routinely made fun of the nintendo gameboy in their portables’ advertising.

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Lol, arduboy is on a roll getting HAD coverage!


I can imagine a Mystic Balloon sequel that uses the crank to give you a little lift with the balloons :smiley:


The hell, they just ran the education article yesterday.

Also, old news.


Just saw that someone got doom on this thing pretty impressive results with the display refresh.


That reminds me I need to test this lcd with a homemade Arduboy.

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