Arduboy crashes arduino ide

I just received my arduboy and am trying to upload an example sketch. I am using windows 10 and I downloaded arduino ide, the most recent version and also the previous version. I followed the quickstart guide and I can open the program and load and verify the example sketch but when I attach and turn on the arduboy, the software closes and will not reopen until I disconnect the arduboy. Has anyone else had this problem or have a resolution?

This is happening to me too when I try to use my Surface Pro 3. I haven’t figured out a solution yet

I am also using the surface pro 3, are you able to load a sketch from another computer?

I also found this,
indicating that it is not possible on the surface 3

Yeah, I use a custom built desktop to build. I don’t think it’s just an Arduboy issue with the Surface Pro 3.

Have you reset the PC? This is super strange behavior I can’t think what would cause it.

Does it show up in device manager?

There are reports of this happening with boards from the Kickstarter Tau campaign, so it may be a general issue not directly related to only the Arduboy. Here’s some text from a message I received for that project:

Also, I have had a couple users report that the the IDE will not start
when you have the board plugged in, and will crash if you plug it in
after it is loaded. If this is happening to you please let me know that
as well. At this time I have no fix to offer, but I believe it is a bug
in the IDE related to the latest Windows 10 “Anniversary Edition” patch.

Thank you for responding! yes, I have tried restarting, reinstalling the arduino ide, and another cable. It does show up in the device manager as Sparki Programed (COM3)

Thank you for the information, I will do more research into the Anniversary Edition problem and see what I can find

I was also able to connect the arduboy to another laptop running windows 10 and it worked for some reason.

I have found a solution! After downloading version 1.6.9, It works! I don’t know why it does not work on the later versions though