Arduboy custom bootloader

Is ‘not bi-directional’ the same as ‘uni-directional’?

I don’t see how. But then again I’m blinded by his cuteness :smile:

I’ve got my menu working as I wanted now and still got 58 free bytes Yay! Only need to do a few more tweaks for an update.

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In the image @uXe posted I see something like this.

This is an awesome achievement this bootloader is really taking the Arduboy to another level.

What can we do with a spare 58 bytes? It seems a shame to let them go to waste :joy:

Ahhh. Now I understand what you’re seeing.

Maybe I just reserve them for a 1-bit to 4-bit display routine? or add a button beep?
I’m going to nibble off a few of them for putting the flash chip in power down mode before executing the sketch.

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Not quite… it can be made to change direction using the DIR select pin, but not on a per-pin basis - they all change direction at once… so I guess it is ‘bi-directionally uni-directional’? :rofl:

/me COUGHS!! :wink:

I forgot I’m actually already using DC as I’m using the page/column mode to write to the display.

I’m down to 42 bytes now. Added the flash powerdown feature and added a disable menu buttons control (for streaming mode)

Looks like I’m pretty much done with it now. Here’s an as-good-as-final version of Cathy3K 1.4 with some example flashcart image builder to play with.


That is fantastic. Love it and want one. You should do your own kickstarter!

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Nah! Then I need to set up my own company and stuff.

Right, that sounds like hard work. Just sell your IP to someone! What licence did you put on the code??

The Custom bootloader uses MIT licence.

Updated the Homemade board package with the new custom bootloader and updated the source and hex files on GitHub as well.

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Have got this working nicely now with VGA1306 - using a new FPGA firmware that respects chip-select (so it can share the bus with the flash chip) and listens out for the 0xB0 page-address command to achieve VSYNC:

…if any of you ‘beta-testers’ want to give it a try I’ll E-Mail you the FPGA firmware .bin file? @Keyboard_Camper @Mr.Blinky @filmote


I would have to pull apart my console …

True… but then you could use @Mr.Blinky’s flashcart-builder linked above to have a chip inside the console with a complete ‘the official filmote collection cartridge’ onboard to play! :smile:

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Do you have any more of those VGA1306 boards left? I might have to buy one from you …

…soon! :zipper_mouth_face:

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Sign me up for one (or two depending on price) !

Please do. sorry for the late reply I’m in a bit of a hardware crisis at the moment with no pc or mobile.