Arduboy dead on arrival [Solved]

Just received an order of two new units. However, one is DOA.
No charge, no start, no reset, no usb chime noise, zip.
The other is fine, and I’ve played several games on it.
What do I do with the dead one?

Does any of the LED’s illuminate when you switch it on or connect to usb?

Personally I would just return it to wherever it came from. If it’s from the Arduboy store you can contact @bateske via the contact us page as it should work out of the box.

The one red charge light comes on when plugged into usb.
When switching on or off, or pushing reset, nothing changes.
Yes, its from the arduboy story. I was looking for contact/return information.

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I guess It could be possible that one slipped through without the bootloader or a hex being flashed.

Contact Us

Battery is probably just toast, very sad. Let me know on the contact page and I can help out: