Arduboy Dev Kit on Tindie!

Development Kits

Hey everyone, just wanted to share that a developer kit of the Arduboy can be found on Tindie.

It was a limited production, but if you have any interest in getting some code developed early and released into the wild the same time as the production units for Arduboy are available, don’t hesitate on picking one up.

Link to Dev Kit

@bateske Talking about these, any info on if and when will these be restocked? Need one shipped to Estonia ASAP, haha

The development kit was a limited run. I don’t know what the status of cluttered workbenches might reveal. Perhaps extras exist? @bateske?

It would be greatly appreciated if i’d get one of those. The reason for my intense interest is the fact that i was actually planning to make a similar thing myself, then like a few days ago discovered Arduboy at kickstarter and was like - look at that subtle component placement and the tasteful thickness of it, lol. Anyway this thing is so cool i’d just make games and stuff on it, I have a fair amount of exp working with Arduinos.

We are all sold out right now, I have a handful in my personal stock pile if you have a compelling reason why you need one sooner please email me and plead your case :smile:

Other than that, we are going to produce 300 more when I go back to China in June, so they should be shipping by the end of July. 100 more for indie, and 200 for the kickstarter backers.