Arduboy Developer Contest

This thread is a continuation of discussion on the possibility of a developer contest!

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Thanks for creating this thread.

I have a draft of a forum post for a Arduboy Game Design Contest.
It would be nice to get some feedback before the draft is posted.

If anyone would like to help, PM me and I’ll send you the draft.

What I’d like feedback on is:

  • Omissions, typos and obvious mistakes.
  • Timelines
    ( Start of Contest| 5th of Feb, Forum post/Contest start.)
  • A Voting system
  • Prizes! yay! :grinning:

If anyone more able that I could put together a Contest Banner for the header of the post, that would be most delightful.
And perhaps a forum admin could create a 2017 Arduboy Game Design Contest Particpant badge, and later that all important Contest Winner badge, that would be neat.

This hasn’t generated any interest, which is fine. We’ll have another go when the community grows a little more



Not sure if this is still in people’s minds, but for what it’s worth I thought I’d suggest an online ‘Jam’ rather than necessarily a contest. Contests might put off those new to the Arduboy whereas a jam can be really inclusive.

I can’t say I’ve ever participated in one (being in the super-novice-at-any-kind-of-coding category), but they can be virtual things too (such as the My first Game Jam event). It could run over a couple of weeks, encourage people to post daily updates on what they’re working on, maybe Q&A sessions with the more experienced coders, there could be a competitive element too, or a theme.

Just a thought as I came across this topic in the forums…


Smokebomb … and I’m away!!


YES! Let’s do an Arduboy Game Jam!


I think this is awesome and we can support it so just get in touch! :slight_smile: I would be most interested to see what the theme or rules are that make sure people are starting with fresh code.


I don’t know that the ‘fresh code’ rule would need to be enforced other than in a general rules of participation type way. Obviously we’d want something fresh created as part of the jam, but the point is more about getting people excited about coding and making games.

I think one of the best ideas would be to encourage lots of work in progress screenshots/videos, lots of forum interaction (I’ve seen jams where everyone who signs up is encouraged to keep a ‘mini-blog’ for the duration), and hopefully get people who might not normally code or be active in the community involved.

Would be good to have a hub containing useful resources along with guidelines for the event, and links to whatever is appropriate for everyone participating. From a resource point of view, I think @crait 's tutorials would great to link to, maybe useful utilities such as bmp to hex converters for graphics, and a guide to screen mirroring for ease of screen capture.

In terms of time, I don’t think it’s necessary to really enforce ‘finishing’ within the duration of the jam, although we could have a few voted (or judged) awards just for fun. Would be nice to make sure that anything produced is recorded to have been a part of it (we could even suggest a titlecard to include in projects if we can keep it light in terms of storage?)… maybe a central repository?..

From an organisation point of view, I’m happy to help however I can, but I wouldn’t really be up for taking a leading role. Also I’ve noticed a strong Japanese following, does anyone know any bilingual people who might be up for helping on that side of things?

… might be worth putting out a poll to see how many people would be up for participating?..

Searches Pockets Erm… I seem to be out of smoke grenades…
shuffles slowly out of the door

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Fresh code just means that people are sitting down and starting a new game. Instead of just changing the sprite artwork of an existing project they have. But I supposed if the work hasn’t already been published in any appreciable way… meaning… you have a work in progress that could be easily adapted to the competition… That’s kind of my question, I suppose there is no real way to address that. If nothing else it would be cool to try and quantify it in some way so we could compare how much time each developer spent on the competition. Maybe its just kind of the honor system to disclose how long you’ve been working on it prior to the contest?

I reckon a cool idea for a challenge would be along the lines of (Make a game that fits in under 50% of PROGMEM) and stuff like that.

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then stick 2 of em together in 1 :smiley: