Arduboy device pixel art, free to use

@huard_olivier, one of the members of TEAM a.r.g. made the Arduboy device in pixels. He made them in a small version (like an icon) AND a big version in all 5 colors. These big versions have a screen of exactly 128x64 pixels, perfect to show off your game screens. :smiley:

You’re all free to use those images for promoting your games or to use on your blog or on flyers … !!!

It would be nice though, if you could mention his name like this: “pixelart Arduboy device: Piquesel” and if possible to link to his twitter account:

Here is the link to all the individual pixeled Arduboy

(let us know, when the link dies.)


You seems to love it :wink: it’s cool


@huard_olivier WELCOME !!! See, I made a nice post for you :smile:

(and now I can change my post and link to your community profile HURRAY)

yeahhh :slight_smile:

great pixel art … bla bla bla just filling the 20 chars ^^


so there is just missing a team A.R.G. nfo file to make releases more “complete” :wink: this would be nice

@dogfriend A what ? (filling out the 20 chars too)

an info file (nfo) like e.g. our old nfo best viewed with

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@dogfriend aaaaaah those :smiley:

Well, I want @huard_olivier to receive ALL complements on this and not TEAM a.r.g.

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sure i know what you mean and these complements go all to @huard_olivier for the pixel art.
i just like to ask for an nfo file for upcoming games released by team A.R.G. to be more complete at all :blush:

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okay i see you don’t know what an nfo file is :smile:

This is really nice pixelart, I love the clean detailing. My only critique is that the buttons on the white model are red, not black. :smile:

Here’s a quick edit, I didn’t quite follow the original shading as that seems to imply the buttons are more spherical than flat.
small | big
Edit : Superseded, disregard. Changed images to links to be less eye-catching

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You are totally right. Correction done, the zip files is updated so you can now download it again to have the correct button color :slight_smile: Thank you for the feedback


LOOK ! @noel_abercrombie it has been updated ! :grinning:

(you could delete yours to not confuse people … but you don’t have to)

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