Arduboy displays "0BBB00" under "Arduboy" at boot time

Hi All,

Forum search didn’t indicate any results, so I am wondering if I am the only person with this?

This Arduboy periodically does not show up in the IDE, and when that happens I see something like UART in the port selections. I have two Arduboy and the other one is fine, so I know it isn’t the computer/cable/IDE affecting it.

Thanks All.


You can name your arduboy.

Refer > What's the meaning of the numbers at boot and how do I avoid them? - #2 by filmote


Ha! That is so excellent! My favorite toy as a kid was a die cast train that I had for a long time and then discovered a tiny button in the Engineers compartment that activated a train sound and the lantern lit up. Nice surprise. Thanks Simon!

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Its only 6 chars long so … kevina?

Tardis! Duh. 8)