Arduboy Distributors (where to buy?)

I’ve got a bunch of Arduboy FX in stock! Too much in fact! I’d like to restock distributors around the world but since switching to FX some have forgot we exist, since the original has so long been out of stock. Seeed has decided to not promote the product themselves any more so it’s up to me and I could certainly use your help!

Where do you buy your dev boards from? Where would you like to buy Arduboy from?

Elektor would like to carry it, I’m trying to work with them.
Pimoroni has carried in the past, expect them to stock up again.
Adafruit has dropped us! They are focusing on their own products and reducing the number of items they sell that they don’t make themselves. Great for them sad for us!
Digikey should theoretically be able to restock from Seeed but hasn’t yet…
Seeed themselves lists as out of stock?? (These are my problems as a CEO, SMH)

It seems strange to me really, in the beginning there were dozens of stores worldwide that carried the original Arduboy, but now I cannot find places to sell the FX… even though I know it sells better than the original.

You can help by letting me know places you’d like to see it in stock, sharing links to places you find it (then I can follow up get them to buy more), or just directly emailing the stores and ask them to carry the Arduboy FX!

Finally, It’s a giant headache but I feel like the timing is right… I’m going to try and become an Amazon Reseller and get these distributed and sold on amazon. This means it will qualify for free shipping, which is great news for customers. Also I’ve been told that international customers who buy from Amazon US will be able to pre-pay customs and take advantage of faster clearance times because of that. Very nervous about that step, if anyone has any experience dealing with Amazon would be great to chat.

Last but not least, I used to move a lot of inventory at maker fairs (easily more than 100/day) but I’ve not been doing that since the last bay area maker faire, but possibly looking at doing that again. If anyone has any particularly large/awesome maker faires near them would be great to coordinate.

Thanks everyone! Buy more Arduboys!

Heck, if someone wanted to take this on as an actual job would be more than happy to pay commission based incentive on this!

A couple of possibilities for a Canadian distributor. (I’ve only dealt with them as a customer. I don’t know if either would work out as a distributor.)

Sayal Electronics and Hobbies
They carry electronic parts, hobby things, and lots of other stuff, including some Arduino and related things.

Canada Robotix
Robotics supplies (obviously), Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.


UK perspective:

  • Pimoroni is great! :heart:
  • The Pi Hut are good.
  • Cool Components do some nice stuff.
  • Maker stores I’ve not personally used: RoboSavvy, RobotShop (Canada based?), Proto-Pic, Kitronik, RoboCube.
  • Obviously Mouser, Digikey, RS-Online, Farnell, etc.
  • Lean into the Game Boy popularity? Retro video game stores? ZedLabz or smaller sellers like CoolSpot (friendly).
  • High street chain MenKind - sells a lot of tat though!
  • London’s science museum has an amazing, gadget loving giftshop. Would be awesome there!
  • Amazon is super convenient, but has to be cost effective.
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microcenter ??

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Another Canadian possibility. I don’t recall what I bought from them, if anything, but I have them bookmarked for some reason.


I have them bookmarked at

Oh yeah I keep forgetting microcenter was stocking Arduboy! But not any more.

Again, it basically seems like everyone stocking Arduboy through seeed stopped… It’s as if they dropped it from their line card. I guess that’s the only thing I can suspect.

Robotshop also good, have sold before.

I think I’m going to try and have to go direct with most of these places (that’s basically what Seeed told me to do)

The winds of open source hardware are changing!

I used to buy a lot of PIC Microcontrollers and Arduinos from Creatronic on College street in Toronto. Would be cool if they sold Arduboys.

As a side note, Do you remember an electronics place on Queen street west named Supremetronics? They closed that location and moved into the basement of the Home Hardware store on College street. I haven’t been there in years.

Sorry, no, I’ve never heard of them.

Are there any distributors in the EU area (so not GB)?

Elektor is in EU (NL)

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They only sell the Arduboy (not the FX) and is out of stock.

Unfortunately out of stock.

I thought he wanted to know where he could distribute them from…

Hah, I do, Thanks! Everyone else just also want’s to buy them lickady split.

Ah, my bad.

It’s all good. I’m looking forward to getting the one I ordered, lickady split. :wink:

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