Arduboy DIY trouble with flash cart

Rencently, I did my own arduboy with a flash cart. I refer to github of Mr.blinky ( MrBlinky/Arduboy-homemade-package: Arduino IDE board package for Arduboy and homemade versions making things easy ( to load bootloader. But I do it then ,the oled screen a usb icon. But I am sure taht the flash cart was ok.
It troubles me many days. Is there somebody can help me?

could you help me ?@Mr.Blinky

Your flash cart is probably not connect correctly. The USB icon appears if your flash cart is either damaged/not connected.

When the flash chip hasn’t been programmed yet it also shows the USB boot icon

Have you tried writing a flash image yet?

I have run the and And it seems great, but my oled screen is still USB icon. And when I press the button, there is no reaction yet.
This has trouble me a lot!

I am from Chinese. May there is time difference.

Good news. Your flash chip is detected properly (Jedec ID EF4017)

After the upload. Press left/right to see category screens. If you still see USB icon then rename to and upload again. This time the flash data will also be verified.

Note your flash chip is 8MB uploading a flash image > 8MB will not work.

may there be some problems when I rename to and uploade again.

And my oled screen is still primary and single game.

Thats not the problem. Problem is the flash chip is not programmed correctly. Check the flash chip wiring especially GND and VCC

My flash chip wiring is below:
DI--------------------------- 16 (MOSI)

CLK ------------------------- 15 (SCK)

DO -------------------------- 14 (MISO)

CS --------- R10k --------- RX1

VCC-------------------------VCC(pro micro)

GND------------------------GND(pro micro)

Thats not good. Should be:

 CS -------+-------Rx

you means



It seems still problem.

I search for flash cart information in this nice community this morning, but my problem still exists.

Which bootloader did you flash and which homemade package version do you use?

my bootloader is “pro micr 5v - alternate wiring”, “cathy3K(start with menu)”," arduboy optimized core",“SSD1306” and “Pin0/D2/Rx9original”.
My homemade package version is 1.3.9 .

The homemade package version and settings are ok.


I think problem is your flash chip. It has painted dots. This means the chip has been programmed before (by factory). I believe part of the chip is write protected and is causing the problem (probably bottom bootblock protection).

Do you have another flash chip to test?

If not you can do one more test:

  • download and extract the below zip file
  • upload fxdata.bin with command -d fxdfata.bin
    (-d uploads flash data at end of flash chip for direct play/development testing of flash game data)
  • After successful upload, you can upload the hex file and play Prince of Arabia. Testing should be fun :slight_smile: (108.4 KB)

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Thanks for your advice. I will test it right now.