Arduboy DIY Wiring Question

I’ve been thinking about making my own DIY Arduboy, but I have a question about wiring it. I’m going to use the Arduino Pro Micro (or a clone of it). I’ve been going over some guides, and I think I have most of it. There are a lot of guides out there, and they all have slightly different wiring. I’ve looked through them, and I think that this is what needs to be wired:

Up: A0
Down: A3
Left: A2
Right: A1
A: D7
B: D8
Speaker: D5
-SCK -> D15
-SDA -> D16
-RES -> D6
-DC -> D4
-Red -> D10
-Green -> D3
-Blue -> D9

Is this how I should do it? Thanks.

That should work with standard Arduboy sketches, although sounds produced on Pin 13 won’t be heard and the green RGB LED won’t work.

If you want to recompile all sketches you load, you can use @Mr.Blinky’s alternate wiring and software package. This will enable both speaker pins and the green RGB LED.


Okay, thanks! I’ll look into it!

From your wiring list I asume your OLED display has 6 pins. If it does have 7 pins then you need to connect OLED CS to GND too.

Except the GREEN LED the wiring is the same as standard wiring. You’ll be able to upload existing game hex files and do not need to recompile them. Some games however will not turn the green LED on and some games will have missing sounds or lower volume

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Oh, yeah! I forgot about CS! Thanks! I was looking through the Arduboy2 library, and in the Arduboy2Core.h file, I found the setup pins, (line 54 and 111). If I change these to pin 3 for the led, and pin 2 for the speaker would it work? I know that I would have to change the library for each game, but I just want to know if it is possible.