Arduboy Front Cover for 3D printing?

I just got my Arduboy and its great! Although there is one gripe I have.

the front part scratches way to quickly.

Ive had it for less than a day and there are already two annoying scratches on the front case.

Therefore I want to 3D print the front part in order to to have a more durable case (and customize my colors!).

Although I do not know where to get a front plate model without creating it myself (Which I do not want to do!)

Is there any model of the arduboy front cover that I can use?

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As for the 3D printing thing, I’m not sure how much use it’ll be but I found the ArduboyPrototypeFiles in this thread:

It’s a bit old though, so they might not match the final case and I’m not sure what software you’d need to read a .brd or .sch file. The .xls file is definitely an excel spreadsheet though, it loads (almost) alright in LibreOffice.

From the same thread I found a link to this:

which might be of use.

And lastly it’s designed for a clone but @FerJerez made this:

As far as I can tell from a brief search there’s no official schematics.

The first one has entirely different holes for controls and ports while the second is like some childs play-thing. Ill just do some percise measurements and build my own model with everything in the right place somehow with tinkercad or somethin :shrug:

I made some buttons

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Cool! But what I want to do is not print buttons or the backplate. I want to print the clear frontplate so I can customize the colors AND not have annoying scratches. Since there are no models of that, I am going to carefully measure every dimension of the frontplate and recreate it in tinkercad.

Are there techniques to 3D print as clear as glas ? you might be better off laser cutting acrylic plates.


Well there are transparent filaments, although unless you print a thin layer it will barely be visible (and even then it will be hard to see. Im fine without a clear frontplate, Besides a opaque frontplate is more scratch resistant and scratches will be harder to notice.

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Im thinking take the measurements and make the arduboy slide in (print up and down). Or, maybe a clip on case. Definitely let me know how it goes. I’d like to print one myself :slight_smile:

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Slide in? What do you mean?. I am going to emulate the screwholes in the front part so it screws in easily

Oh, I see. I was assuming you meant something like a case to slide the device into.

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If it’s just a protective case your after I believe @crait printed his own. Not sure if he shared the files though.

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or we could cut the screen area out and place a thin plastic on the inside, as a screen protector. I’m excited to see if you end up being able to print this thing :smiley:

I was looking for dimensions online of the physical device but nobody seems to have posted them. If you got them, let me know so I can help too
I found the dimensions online 85.60×53.98x5 mm, so I’m gonna try to print a clip on face protector.

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Those dimensions are for the entire arduboy, You have to measure the front clear part.

The width and height are fine, it’s only the depth that’s out, which is easily fixed.
Just knock about 2mm off for the back plate, the front plate is about 3mm deep.

Cool, Making in object in tinkercad atm. How much should I hollow out to get the right size of the borders?

I’ll let someone else handle that one, I’m just a guy with a ruler.

Oh guys btw, if you take off the front plate it has numerous areas of varying heights. Make sure to take a look, it’s not just a flat plastic, it’s a kinda complex design.

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