Arduboy Front Cover Model (And back cover possibly?)

(Project not complete yet, just reserving thread for publicity)

Since Ive gotten my arduboy, Ive been wanting to complete a front cover model to 3D printing since the existing acrylic cover scratches way too easily.

Therefore Ive been taking measurements of the arduboy to build a front cover that will fit better than any other case before.

Not only will people be able to customize the front covers to be any color they want, people wanting to make fakeduboys will be able to use this case to build their own model nearly identical to the original!

Current model project is right here

Planned Milestones

Get outer dimensions :heavy_check_mark:️ (52.98mm • 84.60mm • 3mm)
Get inner dimensions :heavy_check_mark:️ (49.98mm • 81.50mm • 1.80mm)
Get screen dimensions :x:
Get power switch dimensions :x:
Get charger dimensions :x:
Get charger/powerswitch indent dimensions :x:
Get screen support dimensions :x:

First full print! :x:

Get button dimensions :x:
Get button indent dimensions :x:
Get reset button hole dimensions :x:
Attach screwholes :x:

Finished print! :x:


How are you planning to protect the screen?

Extra front cover to put over the screen while out of use. Sadly transparent filament isn’t advanced enough to get a good clear window.

Ill make it possible to insert a film inside. It will be exposed without one though.

You can also buy thin acrylic (Plexiglass) sheets that could be cut to size and fixed to an opening in the cover. These are pretty scratch resistant.


Inner dimensions are done!

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It could give it style, this is a circular 0.5 mm thick window with clear PLA:

Oh. I was thinking you were taking about covering the screen in that transparent filament.

I would look into it but i dont have a taz dualstruder or any clear filament :confused: