Arduboy FX Activator

The Arduboy FX Activator is available on Github

What is Arduboy FX Activator?

It is the tool required to activate blank Arduboy FX mod-chips and update Arduboy FX in general. It consists of a Python GUI script for easy uploading and a Arduboy program(sketch) to flash the mod chip MCU and Arduboy FX bootloader.



Thank you! I preordered my mod chip the other day without the games and am glad there’s such an easy way to flash it.


Here is a video of me using the activator:


I am so Freak’n Excited!

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@Mr.Blinky awesome stuff!
But your button highlights are triggering me! :wink:
The illumination is 45° :arrow_lower_left: for the + pad, but directly overhead :arrow_down: for the A, B-buttons…
Can I raise a PR to illuminate them at 45° too …? :see_no_evil:

I’m not sure what you mean.

He is referring to the pixel graphics for the menu, the shadow/highlight effect is not consistent. It might look more consistent the other way but I suspect having the symmetry of each button is actually more aesthetically pleasing. Also not a ton of room for the shadow/highlight.

Ah I understand and see it now. I doodled them up and didn’t give it another look :blush: @acedent feel free to tweak the gfx.

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Also, where’s the repo for the boot loader (/ other places this may need to be tweaked) ?

The repo for the bootloader is here but it’s very outdated. I have not decided yet whether to update it or seperate it from that repo. The loader screen isn’t part of the bootloader.

The loader menu screen is part of the cart, so you’d be sending pull request to the arduboyfxtest

I’ve updated the activator sketch with a new bootloader and Also tweaked the GFX a bit.

With the new bootloader pressing A or B button on a category screen doesn’t return to the loader screen but will select the 1st item in the list as if you were pressing the down button.

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Updated the FX Activator once more. It contains a new bootloader. This new bootloader scrolls in the loader screen from left to right. Also updated the flash image to @bateske’s latest test.

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Got mine today! Thank you, I did not know exactly when to expect it. I did the above and got it all flashed and running. Works great and fast!


@Mr.Blinky There has been one report of an intrepid user who failed the verification and decided to brute force and burned the bootloader anyways leading to a bricked Arduboy.

Can we make the activator sketch require a successful verification in order to enable the bootloading option?

I will be updating my instructions for now to say that if verification fails that you need to reinspect your solder joints and DO NOT continue any further or it will risk bricking the Arduboy.

I had issue connecting to the Arduboy after instalation… (I did install without removing the Red and Black speaker wire, I do not advise that… but I am me :stuck_out_tongue: )

I had to use the reset button to get the FX Activator to work, after that it was fine. (Before doing that I did open and inspect my work)

I’ll look into it.

I've added a protection now. flashing the bootloader is not possible if the mod chip firmware was not successfully programmed and verified.

Can you elaborate on this, just in case someone else has a similar issue?

@bateske Oh yes, basically if you have this issue but instead of using upload from the arduino ide, you are using the Arduboy FX Activator.

If the FX Activator says something along the lines of “no arduboy connected” but we all know one is… use the reset for the 6 seconds to then press upload in FX Activator.

So as far as this goes I do not think there is anything new in the usual flashing issues we have encountered since the beginning. Which goes back to my original comment, I am so happy that this chip thing just works and I am surprise it works so fast. Once all this is set up the arduboy is most definitely a stand alone device :slight_smile: I am very happy with this.

Ohh, I see. what game did you have on the Arduboy?