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@filmote not sure if it helps but i downloaded the hex files from the github (from my links in a previous post) and ran them inside project abe to take screenshots from the titlescreens. You might probably have some of the title screens already in the XL cart but it was easier for me to just keep doing the same steps (download hex file, run in emulator, press p to take screenshot, resize to 128x64 rename files to match hex file).

I’ve placed the hex files along with the png files in attachment here Maybe it saves you the hassle of clicking each link and creating screenshots (for certain games)

I’m going to test to see if all games run now (all of them seemed to run already in emulator)

Edit: Also watch out with “Cutie - E” it seems R-Rated well it has a picture of a nude woman or at least it resembles it (very low res)

Alright, I understand people want access to all the games, but you cannot publish direct links on how to download copyrighted and trademarked material.

I have deleted the offending links/posts.

Please understand any time you do this you put at risk the platform of Arduboy to be sued and taken down.

Ah sorry was not aware they were copyrighted i’ll remove my zip file as well as it contained those 2 games also. Is there a list of the the not allowed games ?

Sorry to be a jerk but: Trademark Search

It’s really just using a bit of common sense. You have to ask yourself before posting “is this legal?”. I’ll send you a PM to clarify.

Don’t worry it’s all good I just have to play policeman occasionally.

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I will be adding games slowly from the list (it actually takes a little bit of time to work out who wrote it and try to use their description of the game if possible).


  • Train Dodge
  • Unicorn Dash
  • Solitaire
  • Tiny Bert
  • Tiny Morpion
  • Tiny Missile
  • Umeroose
  • UFO-Race
  • Space Invaders

I will be adding more over the weekend!

Just added:

  • Cascade Path
  • 3 in 1 A / B / C / D / E
  • Armageddon
  • Ardu Turf Masters
  • Crate Confusion
  • Digger
  • ArduLO
  • MayQ
  • Miss Snake
  • Paqman
  • Oh Mummy
  • Nomis
  • Pyoro
  • Orbs
  • Crabator
  • Electronic Quarterback
  • Harambes Revenge
  • Jezzball
  • Hangman
  • Epic Mini Games
  • LATE
  • Rick Arduous
  • Cutie_E
  • I do U do
  • Invaders
  • Do You Remember Love?
  • Petit of the Dead
  • SFZ

Those last three are excellent!

Thanks to @joyrider3774 for highlighting all the missing games.


SFZ, Petit of the Dead, Umeroose and MayQ are all the work of a Japanese developer called CoBinee (whose blog can be found here, and the five Arduboy titles are here, GitHub here).

A few years back I went around adding missing authors and licence information to Eried’s repo and CoBinee was one that was substantially missing.

I think you might be missing “Do You Remember Love?”, which is another of CoBinee’s titles.

I have it in the list to add … just haven’t go to it yet!

They are very good games.

That’s 307 games!

But please, no more Pong or Tic Tac Toe games :slight_smile:

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oh i should have mentioned game.ini in the repo contained the version (sometimes) author and description it would have saved you some time

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No problem … its done now!

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Cheers and thanks for adding the games

Added Waternet!


I have just added instructions on how to add your own games to the cart and make them available to the community, here.

Just added:

  • Ardulem
  • Tower of Pain
  • MallArd Hunt
  • Lagunita
  • Picovaders
  • Ardusweeper

Anyone got a copy of ‘Shattered Lands - Sea of Despair’?

I don’t think @tuxinator2009 actually finished that.

Ah … it’s on the XL cart but that doesn’t mean it’s finished!

Time for an unfinished / Work in Progress category?


I’ve got a few that could be added to that category.


Just added:

  • TV Tuner
  • HP35 Calculator
  • PI 24K Browser
  • Super Soldiers
  • Santa’s Happy Little Packer

You may need to refresh / clear cache for new games to appear.

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