Arduboy FX Cart Builder

That’s not a bad idea.

I have just been zooming out to fit all columns in the view - then again I do have a 4K monitor.


  • MTG Life Counter (Magic the Gathering) @mickio1
  • Maxigo
  • Sea Battle
  • Count Down


  • Slangin’
  • Candy War
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I probably should add some instructions to the top post in this thread.

I have added on to the info dialogue. I couldn’t work out how to have a ‘delete’ option float beside the selected image / image you are hovering over so I went the easy way!

Its moving it to the ‘unused’ column on the Left Hand Side. You can always move it back to the correct column if you delete it by accident.


I need to finish that. I did the hard (fun!) data compression part, but not the easy (?) gameplay part.

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I have the same problem. I rarely make games unless they have some particularly interesting mechanic or novel idea involved because the actual game making part is nowhere near as fun as learning/experimenting with something new and interesting. (And sometimes do the interesting bit and then don’t finish the rest.)

Its human nature of course … we gravitate to things we find interesting. I am guilty as well - just ask Vampirics how I want to wrap games up and publish after I get past the interesting parts and stuck in the drudgery of testing game play.

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At least you actually manage to get to the testing stage though!

I hate leaving things unfinished more than I hate testing. I cannot even put down a book that I don’t particularly like if I have invested enough time in it.

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Hey that’s me! Thanks for reaching out @filmote and @acedent ! Finally got around to poking around the project, but unfortunately wasn’t quick enough to read the “How do I add my own game?” section and went ahead and opened up a PR directly to fix some typos and update cart images. Do with that what you will, and good luck on the project!

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No problem, I will sort it out for you!

Edit: Sorted. Sorry about misspelling your name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks @dial - and welcome! :partying_face:

Is the version of Dark & Under the one where you cant save? Not sure how to link the thread reply but Pharap said he implemented a save feature, might be worth putting that version on the cart builder instead

Actually, I think @filmote did that.
(At least, I don’t remember being the one who did it…)

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Oh cool, he mustve done that fairly recently then, i thoight my arduboys had the most recent cart inage but apparently not lol. Thanks!

I actually did it right at the start (when we wrote the game) but due to memory limits I had to comment it out.

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Oh whoops, its pretty late here and my eyes skipped over the part where pharap quoted me crediting him for the save feature, i thought he meant you had already updated the version on the cart builder, sorry lol

I downloaded the .csv file, and I noticed that in the different sections, there are Github links. So is the process for flashing the cart different?

Sorry, I missed this.

Did you work out how to flash the cart? The instructions appear when you download the cart image itself. The .csv file is really so you can store your own cart definition off-line and alter it as needed.

I have added a simple EEPROM usage map which will show you EEPROM usage and clashes with other games. Clicking the black circle adjacent to the game will show which other games it will potentially clash with. Clicking it a second time will remove the highlights.

Most games have no protection against other games overwriting and corrupting their EEPROM. @pharap’s Minesweeper and PPOT’s 1nvader, Cuberhack, Nineteen 44 and OBS are marked in a different colour as these include a hashing algorithm to prevent this overwrite.

Hopefully the many, many collisions will encourage people to add @pharap’s EEPROM hashing library to their game.

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