Arduboy FX Game Jam [Complete]

Arduboy FX Game Jam: Tell a story!

Begins: December 12, 2022
Ends: February 12, 2023
New End Date: March 12, 2023

Theme: Tell a story
Requirements: Must use the external flash memory of the Arduboy FX within the game

The results are in!

First Place: Prince of Arabia FX by Press Play on Tape
@filmote @Mr.Blinky @acedent @clintonium-119 @vampirics @raspberrybrain
Second Place: Shadows and Eternity by @Dolorre
Third Place: Manic Miner FX by @marggines

Welcome to the Arduboy FX Game Jam! This is a competition where we challenge developers to create new games based on a theme presented here in this topic. The theme for this game jam is to tell a story! This is very open ended, and there are many different creative ways to tell a story, don’t be limited to just text, visual elements and situations that change the game as a result of player behavior or walk them through a pre-defined script.

The game will be judged by the depth and breadth of the story that is presented to the player. The game must also use the expanded memory to load additional resources such as sprites, music or text. The method and amount of external resources will also be considered when judging the games. Of course, the overall gaming experience, graphic fidelity and tightness of gameplay loop will all be considered as well.

Judging Criteria:

Depth and Breadth of Story: How long, and how “interesting” or “unique” is the story that is told. What information do we learn about the world in which we are playing and how does that experience expand the players understanding of the real world? Do you laugh or cry when you play this game?
Technical Feats of External Memory: How much external resources are you using? Are they being used in a creative or novel way?
Overall Gameplay: Is the game fun? Is it free from bugs? Are the gameplay loops tight and rewarding to the player?

Once the campaign is finished, everyone in the community will be able to vote on each of these categories. The rankings in each category will be summed to arrive at the total score which will be used to determine the winner.


1st Place: Win a free custom one-of-a-kind Arduboy, designed by @bateske to your own specifications! You can decide the board shape, layout, color and artwork and I will build, assemble and ship it out to you! Check out these fruity examples for an idea what might be possible!

Want a custom Arduboy like one of these? Have ideas for your own? Make an Arduboy game that utilizes the FX chip and submit it to this category by February 12 March 12, 2023!

2nd Place: Arduboy Mini Graffiti Edition

3rd Place: Standard Arduboy Mini


Emulator Note: You don’t technically need an Arduboy FX (or modded Arduboy) to play! It is possible to use the Arduboy emulator to run your games. You are able to add the .bin file to a .arduboy file for the emulator to address the external memory. Note: there are bugs in this process so the game must run correctly on actual hardware.

Previous Work: In contrast to previous game jams, you ARE allowed to use previous work so long as it has not been published in it’s submission form. For example, if you would like to take a game you have made previously for the regular Arduboy and expand the story using the FX memory, this is a valid submission.

Teams: You are allowed to work in a team, each member must have a listed responsibility. If winning the first place prize, one design will be made, but each member of the team will receive a board. 2nd and 3rd place each team member will receive a mini. (Maximum team size: 5 people)

If you have any helpful resources please post the link and I will add them to this post. Any questions comments or feedback, this is the place to post them!

To submit your game make a post within this category by February 12 March 12, 2023. Good luck everybody!


Just a note about the Emulator - you do not need to create an .arduboy file to use it. You can simply drag the .hex file and the .bin file to the emulator window.


Thanks @filmote I didn’t know that!
Additional Emulator note, the in-emulator building is broken currently do to some web domain hocus pocus. I’m trying to set up a new server soon, any sys admins that would like to help walk me through a node.js deployment is more than welcome! Happy jamming!

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What are people making? Anyone want to let the cat out of the bag?

I’ve been continuing to refine grayscale and trying to make a grayscale RPG.

I’m not planning to enter at the moment.

If I were to enter then I’d probably make a visual novel engine because the technical side of it interests me, but I don’t have a story to go with it and I’d have to argue with the upload tools first.

I am not planning on competing here as my Prince of Persia game is both advanced and so far from completion :slight_smile:

I do want to add some resources:


Both FX compatible. I am using the Tones version in Prince of Persia.

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Well you could tweak Lode Runner FX a bit and add that iris out effect that’s still missing :wink: Quite easy to do with FX::drawBitmap() :wink:

Not sure I’ll have something to compete with. doing the code and graphics will probably take too long. I’m kind of a slowpoke

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Sounds like more time could help, should we extend the deadline?


Now that we know the Mini will have a speaker built in, I’m more excited to see if anyone wants a composer on their team for this jam. I don’t have enough programming chops to do a game by myself but I still want to participate, and I’m much better with music. Let me know!


I can extend the jam but the plan was to set the deadline such that I can get it to PCBway in time to include on the mini. I can check on the lead time on components but it might be there is chance to extend the deadline until final assembly.


IMHO giving users more time for the game is more important then meeting the PCBway deadline. By the time users get their mini there might be a website to easily upload an updated collection :wink:

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It would be a real missed opportunity to showcase the games though as a vast majority of people will not update the cart.

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To be honest, I think realistically it’s going to take a while before most people are in a position to be making FX games.

So far Filmote’s the only game maker who’s actually got to grips with how the developing side of things works.

Until the information becomes common knowledge it would be a bit much to expect more casual or inexperienced developers to be doing the same.

What’s needed to kickstart things isn’t a game jam, it’s more information and tutorials in an easy to access and centralised area.


This jam is intended for advanced developers to get their hands on some crazy hardware!

And @brow1067 has made a couple of games, including the fabulous mini golf.


Fair point, I had forgot about that one.

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Yeah, when I saw that the goal for this jam is to use the winner as a showpiece for the Mini I bowed right out and stopped trying to work on a game. I’m definitely not advanced enough to use the FX chip well, let alone make a high quality game that incorporates it. I’ll wait for the next jam. Can’t wait to see the winner though.

The requirement to use Python on my laptop to write to the FX chip has stopped me.
Working with the Thumby IDE (web serial) has it’s issues- but it allowed me to get started very quickly. I’ve been holding out for a simpler solution.

Perhaps it’s also a mental block… A really simple, step-by-step tutorial would be lovely.