Arduboy FX Game Jam [Complete]

I found the examples in the ArduboyFX library GitHub really helpful when it comes to storing things and reading them from the chip. The act of actually getting the Python scripts to work on my MacBook was a bigger challenge.

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Good to hear that.

I’ve got access to a mac mini at work and see if I can make a easier solution for OSX

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If you’re on Windows you can just use the Arduboy FX Arduino plugin

Thanks for the subtle hint

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I am making an FX-heavy game but it might not be done by end of Feb. The FX extra memory expands the scope of what’s possible a lot so development takes longer. The code is pretty much done, but the content is not…



This looks fantastic!

Now THAT is next level! Looking great!

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That looks… amazing… but I’m seeing a lot of gray there?

@brow1067 is one of the grayscale wizards! :mage:
The teaser looks amazing !!

I didn’t notice greyscale in my first look but that looks amazing.

That looks fantastic!

Wow. Just…wow.

WOAH. I’m not an RPG fan but I would definitely play that! The greyscale is so so well done!

That looks like an RPG you’d see on the Super Nintendo/ Super Famicom but monochrome of course. I definitely look forward to this game when it releases :smiley:

Ok dug it up from storage and after an online recovery it seems mountain lion is so out dated that even the apple website doesn’t work (probably outdated TLS for secure webpages)

any one have a bootable USB thumb drive containing MacOS Catalina by any change (or can make one)? it’s the latest OS that this mini supports.

No luck yet with getting the Mac mini working. I have a feeling Apple is blocking these old OS-es but I’ll give it another try soon. Back on topic:

I’m curious who’s working on something for the gameJam?

I won’t be entering anything but I’m working on improving the FX library and tools Instead :smile:

New features coming soon are the ability to load and save a game state to the FX chip. No more EEPROM collisions FTW :smiley:


Possibly you and I :slight_smile:

This should be awesome!

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Given all the changes to the mini, I’ll need more time to validate the prototype so I think that the jam will be extended. Stand by for announcement for the official extension dates.


Pipe dream:

Somehow track save blocks between flashcart updates, so that writing a new cart to the FX would not overwrite existing savefiles for games that exist in both old and new carts… (could possibly lead to fragmentation issues as empty slots between savefiles open up when games are removed)

I feel an idea coming up for a FX explorer commander :smile:

On another topic. I finally managed to install Catalina on the Mac mini. (Culprit was non GPT flash drive and a no longer supported RAID configuration)

Found out why the Arduino plugin didn’t work on a Mac. Already working on a fix :slight_smile:


Game Jam Extended 1 Month!

It sounded like people could use more time, and there -is- more time. The mini will be taking about an extra month to add and test all the extra features added during the kickstarter campaign, and the goal is to include these game jam games on the mini.

If you’re working on a game that’s more time to develop the story. If you haven’t started there is still plenty of time to spin up a game.

Happy Jamming!