Arduboy FX Game Jam

I’ve got some code written for my jam entry, but keep having to put it aside due to work and family needs.

Work? Are you serious, that takes priority? :slight_smile:

Any hints as to what you are working on?

I posted some toots a couple of weeks ago:


Why wouldn’t you post that on this platform?

Anyhow … intriguing.

Mainly cause I was on vacation and was mainly interacting with friends over there … also didn’t want to set up too many expectations until I was further along. The project has the codename “Find the Story”. When I get a chance, I’ll start a WIP thread on this.


I’m working on a runner game with an additional aspect, but it has no story and I don’t think it would really make sense with one. It definitely uses the FX chip though so I might submit it anyway if I finish it and just get 0 points for the story part.

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Push yourself try to think of a simple story what can you tell?

Maybe I could pull off having a scene before the game starts that kind of explains a backstory and context for the whole thing. Would that count as telling a story?

I’m sure it would help! It’s for the users to vote. Maybe you could add screens like that after each zone/level/stage or whatever. It doesn’t have to be much it’s one of those things like adding sound just a little bit can go a long way.

A narrative can also be developed without text just by showing progression of the character or the world. Just off the top of my head I think about the ending of super metroid tells a great story.


Wow amazing with the grayscale! So cool.