Arduboy FX is NOT getting USB-C [Canceled]

Linus tech tips coverage was enough to go in on a new mold and redesign for USB-C.

The changes are adding a few months to the pre orders, but prototypes coming in soon!


Now I feel kind of bad for getting my Arduboy FX . . . if only I had waited a little longer, for this! :wink:

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Waiting is the ultimate arduboy experience


So this means that pre-orders in batch two will be usb-c? That’s awesome if true, just ordered one a few days ago

Yes, I’m waiting to get the prototypes before putting it on the purchase page.

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Any news on the mini prototypes?

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Unfortunately USB-C Arduboy is canceled until further notice. I’ve got to totally redesign the mold or come up with a different connector. Both will take too long for existing pre-orders who didn’t even necessarily want this.

This is why I didn’t put it on the sales page but I will be making an announcement and as always if you can’t stand the wait and need a refund those will be available.

Going to produce the micro usb variant for another batch while I continue to try and solve this problem. Probably for a 10 year anniversary special edition.

Sorry everybody I tried…


It’s a shame… but thanks for the transparency & sharing!

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I’ve got several ideas how to get it done but all will take a few more months and probably require me to be at the factory.

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Oh, rats! Thanks for trying and for being transparent about the set-back.

It will happen, just probably next year.

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Not an issue for me as I still have lots of devices that still use micro (Playstation controllers, for example). I think you made the right decision not to delay further.

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