Arduboy FX preloaded games download?

The new (premodded) arduboy FX comes with 200 games preloaded :+1:

But, if you buy the chip only version, can you download the games file somewhere?
Or is this perk only for those who buy the premod version?

With games file i mean the bin(?) that you upload to the flash chip.

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the bin file hasn’t been compiled yet, it’s being worked on:


This probably doesn’t directly answer your question, but technically if you wanted you could compile your own list of games and flash them to the chip.

At the moment it’s already possible with @Mr.Blinky’s Python script,
but I’m assuming eventually @tuxinator2009’s GUI program will also be able to do that.


Thanks @bateske and @Pharap.
@Pharap i know of the mr blinky compile/upload method, i have a homebrew arduboy with flash memory.
But a ready to “upload to flash file” would be very nice.
Flash bam alakazam, all games ever made for Arduboy (give or take) in one go.
That’s happiness for me :slightly_smiling_face:

In theory anyone could share .bin ready to flash with all the games really