Arduboy FX - Screen flickering and disappearing

Hey Arduboy Community,

I finally received my Arduboy FX yesterday and after playing a few games, I started to have a problem. I was playing a game and suddenly it went back to the home screen. Then the screen started to flicker and to scroll on the left side until disappearing, leaving the screen completely black.

After switching off and on again I got the problem directly (I will try to attach a recording to the topic).

If I wait a few minutes before starting the Arduboy, I can play a few seconds and then the problem appears again.

Any idea of what could cause this issue?

Thanks in advance for your support.

EDIT: I can’t attach a recording to the post :frowning_face:

Sounds like a hardware problem possibly with the display, you can contact @bateske to get some help

Thanks for your feedback. I already contacted @bateske but I was wondering if somebody else from the community faced the same issue.

Are you running the same game each time?

Going back to the home screen could (theoretically) be a result of the game crashing and causing the Arduboy to reset.

As for the scrolling and flickering, it could be a hardware issue or a software issue. Without pictures or video it’s hard to guess.

Did you get a message telling you why?

I expect the problem is that the forum doesn’t accept the format you’re trying to upload.


I had the same problem… it simply needs charging!
Previously the OG Arduboy shipped with a well charged battery. The new FX unit I received was barely charged. Hope that helps,


Try charging the Arduboy, if you still have problems use to let me know.


Sorry for my late answer. Charging the Arduboy FX fixed the issue. Thanks everybody! @Pharap Indeed the format was not accepted.


For future reference:

If you don’t have any decent video conversion software and aren’t afraid to dabble with the command line, I recommend ffmpeg for converting videos. It’s free and open source and fairly easy to find help for.

Thanks for the tip!

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I wonder how many people were running their arduboy out of power before hand. Because this is always how it acted, this must mean people are playing their arduboy for hours on end now!

Please find the recording of the issue I had (and which is fixed by charging the Arduboy FX).

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I guess I used different brownout fuses on the first Arduboy is that why? Oh I guess probably normally the bootloader is not showing anything on the screen so you wouldn’t know.

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As a warning~
Although I’ve used an Arduboy for many years, this behaviour still confused me!
It started happened within the first hour of use, so it shipped from the factory uncharged.
At first, the reseting was less obvious and just happened in the middle of playing a game. Because of many resets / brown-outs, in the end something became corrupted (EEPROM?)… Then after charging my FX unit, it would not respond to any key presses (seemed ‘hard locked’). Eventually I managed to reset it by pressing the delicate reset switch.

Suggestion: Charge your Arduboy FX before first playing.


Brown out detection is set at 2.6V the lowest guaranteed working voltage of the atmega32u4.

With a depleted battery, the displayed pixels will drain the battery voltage quickly under that 2.6V (much faster then the battery undervoltage protection) and the brown out feature will trigger a reset as it’s supposed to.

In factory the lithium batteries are usually only charged to 40% for best lifetime. If not charged it may be that they could easier under voltage due to load. The battery will be in better condition after a couple of charge cycles.
This ‘flickering’ behaviour may then be less or maybe even dissapear (needs to be tested)

It’s nice to see that the brownout reset is triggered increasingly faster after each reset (the logo scrolls in from the left less and less) It shows that the battery can recover and cope with the load less and less when pixels are displayed.

@bateske this ‘flickering’ effect would be handy to include this into the FAQ

Personally I never experienced anything like this during development as my dev unit uses a battery with 10 times the capacity of the original one.

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<IT-crowd voice> did you try turning it off and on again? :wink: