Arduboy FX speaker wires in the way

Trying to install the Mod-chip, but it looks like the board will cover the red wire connection once installed, and the wires appear too short to turn the speaker?

Uh oh!

Hmm. My suggestion would be to desolder the wires from the peizo and remount them once it is rotated.

Trying to solder again to the ceramic center node can be kind of a pain in the ass and the heat will delaminate it causing it to be consumed in the process.

Overall it’s something you can do if you’re familiar with soldering.

If not, I can send you a speaker with wires in the correct orientation, let me know what you’d prefer to do.

LOL Same here!

I’ll have a crack at desoldering and rotating the speaker :slight_smile:

So yeah, I ended up replacing the wires :slight_smile:

And moving the attachment point on the outer edge - otherwise I was going to have to squash the battery… And that would be bad! But all done :slight_smile: Woot!

Nice work! Just let me know I do have extra speakers if you need them!

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