Arduboy FX Status Updates

Hello and welcome to the Arduboy FX Status Update thread!

If you are visiting this post because you have purchased an Arduboy FX and are looking for status updates to when your order will be ready and ship you are in the right place! Thank you for your order and your patience!

The Arduboy FX has been produced on backorder as the global chip shortage has made production times very long and demand for the product is high. Pre-orders are a highly requested option so it has been made available, but there are no garuantees about the delivery time of the product.

If you require the Arduboy FX to be shipped by a specific date, we suggest waiting until the product is in stock to make your order. Take note however, that the last batch of in-stock Arduboy FX sold out in less than a month.

While making people wait months for the product is not the desired situation, it gives you the best chance of getting your hands on the new product. Furthermore it also helps keep the business going and able to support the product and (eventually) release new products. So thanks again for your support of Arduboy!

Status updates will be made to this thread, and you are welcome to make comments and general questions about the process. Hundreds of people are waiting with you, so your patience is appreciated.

RULE: Any posts containing individual requests to specific order updates will be deleted from the thread.

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Good news everybody!

TLDR; Found some chips but still need to find more, April or May hopefully!

I’ve been working with the manufacturer Seeed Studio to get the other batch of Arduboy FX produced. The chip shortage has made it difficult but have just made recent success securing the necessary ATmega 32u4 processor that the Arduboy uses. Hopefully I can share some details of how I was able to pull this off, I think I need to wait until the order is completed to let you know but it’s a fun story.

Unfortunately there are several more components now that are on a 3-4 month lead time that are holding things up. We will start procurement and production of the plastic and metal parts but we will be waiting on these final components.

Since they are small parts (I’ll list them later if I’m still having an issue finding them) they can likely be substituted for alternatives that are in stock. The process of doing so requires reading data sheets for many of the possible alternatives and evaluating the cost and availability of each of them.

There is some work ahead but this is all good news. Worst case scenario it seems that production will start around March or April to ship in May. So will be revising the pre-order page as well, hopefully people understand that is purely an estimate based on the information that I have at the time.

If you need to cancel your order for a refund please use Contact — Arduboy and let me know your order number and I can process that for you. Please also keep in mind that I’m very often overloaded with customer support requests as well as (also trying to have a life occasionally) that I’m sometimes a week or two behind on getting caught up.

Full disclosure: Sometimes it takes a month or two to get back to you and I’m very sorry about this. I don’t like it, trying to get better at breaking out time for customer service to at least respond to people… but real talk, you probably know this, when you’ve got several hundred emails in your inbox it’s very difficult to know where start. I haven’t forgot about you or trying to scam you, I’ve been doing this for over 5 years the community will back me up on that. But sometimes it does take longer than anyone wants to respond.

If you feel like you haven’t had a response you’re always welcome to email again as a reminder. If it’s urgent like a cancelation or address change I’m always trying to prioritize that.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated! I’m extremely grateful for all of your support! Thanks again!


Oh and Mod chip is fairing a little bit better, don’t have an exact ETA on that, but March should still be OK for that one.