Arduboy FX Status Updates

Mod chips almost out of the factory. Then I’ll have to literally dust off the programming jigs and order some small envelopes.

Might be kinda fun to put a little different flash cart on it, could add a few games. I’d really like to add a secret video to it, just haven’t had time to build all that.


There’s a PPOT flashcart you can use :slight_smile:


I have a tracking number for the mod chips.

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Of the 200, what is the typical failure rate? Or are they tested at the factory?

The PCB are tested for continuity in the factory.

Out of the 200 I got, 2 of them had the attiny rotated 180 degrees and 1 it looks like the attiny is dead.

So, close to 1%. Not bad. I bet if I complained about the 3 failures I could probably get a credit.

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Mod chips will ship out early next week. If you ordered with an Arduboy FX and are international, they will be sent separate as Seeed Studio will be drop shipping the Arduboy FX. If you are in the US, then the mod chip will be delayed until the master shipment is received here and that should hopefully be within a week or two.

More status updates soon…

Was considering if there were any cost savings or economies to be had about flying to the EU and posting the mod chips from there directly. I’m gonna do a closer analysis when I have the final shipping list but rough figures that I might just about break even with the flight not the rest of the trip.

Hi, I’ve just lost half a day trying to deal with shipstation dropping orders from january on. I had to recreate the API link, but it will only pull orders from the last 31 days.

I contacted shipstation support, and their solution is for me to upgrade to the next tier so I can manually upload a CSV from the missing time period.

Well ok, but I can also just do that with not even really sure why I switched, their service is terrible. I’ve had bum luck with logistics providers, shipwire was a 3pl that I used in the beginning and dealing with them was one of the worst nightmares of my professional career.

This whole industry is like a feeding frenzy of sharks trying to take advantage of all these little small business trying to compete in the large ocean of international marketplace. You’re forced to work with them because the scale is not big enough to get good discounts on your own.

Really wish I could just have a storefront and you wonderful people could just come by and pick them up and we could talk about video games maybe sell you some other electronic stuff too.

Anyways, rant aside I’m working through mod chip orders it’s just going painfully right now. Thankfully most Arduboy FX orders will be drop shipped so I won’t need to do anyhting but send you a tracking email on those.

If anyone has any suggestions or would like to give feedback always welcome, thanks for hanging in there!

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Guys I need help I’m losing it :rofl:

Can you get a dump of that data in a plaintext format?

You might be able to dump it in a spreadsheet and tell the spreadsheet to interpret the numbers as actual numbers.

(And if the spreadsheet couldn’t do it, I could probably write a parser that could handle it if I knew the format, though not until tomorrow.)

Oh I mean I can manipulate stuff as needed in the background, it just doesn’t help when I’m stuck in their UI trying to navigate or cross reference. It’s just proof that they are garbage. It’s a built in field as well.

Sure, some places might even have letters in their order numbers, but it’s a pretty simple, normal if not expected for a database operation to prioritize a numerical sort in situations like this.

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Wow that was painful, csv integration is very broken and also it’s post back…

I’ll spare you the details but basically had to manually enter 60 addresses.

Good news is that All* of the mod chips are shipped!

  • Orders from the USA that include a full Arduboy will be shipped together.

I should be hearing from Seeed any day about when things will be sent out.

Got a few extra mod chips after all this settles but after that I am going to discontinue it, too difficult to make.

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Really wish I could just have a storefront and you wonderful people could just come by and pick them up and we could talk about video games maybe sell you some other electronic stuff too.

You may not have a storefront, but according to maps, you’re only about 1.5 miles from me if I walk through the park, so if you want I could come over and we could talk about stuff when mine is ready. But I’m pretty far down on the list so that will be a while.

Lol that’s not me it’s a registered address I’m in SF right now. PLZ don’t go there.

Rule 0 from when I was in Uncle Sam’s Big Grey Canoe Club: If you don’t want a surprise, don’t be a surprise.

Although that was usually used when talking about coming home from a cruise, or other time “out of town”… :slight_smile:

I would not have gone there without prior arrangements.

If you’re in the city of Emperor Norton, there are lots and lots of cool places to visit. And eat. And see cool stuff and things.

Never heard it called that before!

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Waiting on shipment from China. Will update once I have a tracking number.

Should ship out by the end of this month, might be tight.