Arduboy FX Status Updates

I’m not sure I understand the question…

Mod chips have been shipped to:
All international Customers
US Customers that only purchased a mod chip

Mod chips remaining to be shipped:
US Customers that also purchased an Arduboy FX

Arduboy FX remaining to be shipped:
All of them

Hope to start shipping next week. :crossed_fingers:


The shipment has just been made from Seeed Studio to the US headquarters should take about a week to ship and a week for customs, then I’ll begin shipping. Apologies for the delay, thank you for your patience!


Customs complete, should arrive tomorrow!

Thanks everyone!


All the orders from old store have been shipped!

About 700 more to go for the new store!


300ish left!


100 left, still waiting on a pickup I don’t know what is the mailmans problem but I’ll be dropping it off at the post office tomorrow.

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Took 99% of shipments to the post office today.

Remaining shipments: Australia and New Zealand (require separate service, postal service wont go there any more)

International Customers who already got shipped a mod chip but are missing an Arduboy FX (Sorry, seeed told me they would drop ship but then changed their mind)

Shipments of 5 or more units.

Orders that were modified after being purchased number of units or address change.

All that should be done tomororow.

Looking like I’ll put up about ~100 units of the Arduboy FX and maybe ~10 or so mod chips this weekend keep an eye out!


We are so remote :slight_smile:

Not since Freddy was stung by a box jellyfish.
Jeff volunteered to take his place, but he’s still in hospital after that incident with the koala. :P

*koala screaming intensifies


This is your brain on eucalyptus…

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They are nasty little buggers - full of chlamydia.

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Don’t judge there isn’t equal access for koala prophylactics.


Phew! What a trip!

No plan for pre-orders yet but I’m trying to get distributors to order more this next time might try to do a deal with them somehow.

I used Pirate Ship to do this last batch and it was the smoothest experience that I’ve had so far.

Looking forward to listing the new units online. I think I’ll toss them up tomorrow also keep an eye out I think I’ll give one away for free on twitter and one on facebook for a share or retweet.

Chance to win a free Arduboy!

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Got a few more left!