Arduboy Game Format Guide: .arduboy files


Arduboy Game Format

The Arduboy community has been working very hard on a unified .arduboy file format that will make it as easy as possible for users to upload a game/app and provide extra info about that game/app.

The .arduboy file

An .arduboy file typically has the follow items included, where the bold ones are required. These files are zipped and the extension .zip has been renamed to .arduboy If you create one yourself, some OS might complain, when you’re trying to change the extension of a file, but in this case you can safely ignore that warning.

  • info.json
  • one or more binaries
  • one banner image (700px × 192px)
  • one or more screenshots (128px × 64px)
  • one LICENSE.txt

While it is not required to add screenshots or a banner, it does add to the game. Creating a screenshot shouldn’t be to hard, creating a nice banner isn’t always that easy. Because we want to help people, we will provide templates, people can use freely:

The info.json file

The json schema is used for including the extra meta-data. Again, not all fields are required, but the ones bellow are:

  • title
  • version
  • author
  • binaries

Following the link bellow, you will see a schema containing metadata with instructions on how to create an actual info.json file.

If you would like to see an actual example of such a info.json file, you can by following/saving (right mouse button “save as”) this link:

The LICENSE.txt file

Depending on the license, you might need to include the license itself. Here you have a link to the MIT license text: Make sure you have the file name in capitals, followed by the .txt in lowercase.

Create online an info.json file

Using Jeremy Dorn his JSON editor, we are providing a form where you can fill out all fields and it will create a correct json schema, you then can copy paste in your own info.json file. Because of the nature of the link, I had to shrink the link with TinyURL.

If you feel uncomfortable following a shortened link, you can see the URL here, before actually proceeding to it:

Loaders for .arduboy files

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change log 16 Jan 2017

  • changed the buttons fields (has 2 objects now)
  • changed the binaries fields (coming from hexes and has 3 objects now)
  • changed the screenshots fields (has 2 objects now)
  • removed the device field (merged with binaries)


change log 24 jan 2017

  • added “minLength”: 1 on only “required” fields
  • added a direct link to the arduboy-json-schema.json file explaining the schema
  • rewritten the guide to hold only necessary information


change log 25 jan 2017

  • added a direct link to the actual info.json example file
  • correct the change log of 24 jan 2017
  • added a shortened link to a JSON editor with the Arduboy Shema


change log 14 feb 2017

  • added LICENSE.txt to the list of possible files included in an .arduboy file
  • added a link to the MIT license as a possible example of a license people can include.