Arduboy Game Jam 4: Complete!

Arduboy Game Jam 4

It’s been long overdue, but it’s happening again! One of the most fun things to do with the Arduboy is to participate in a game jam!

Date: November 1st to 15th!

It’s over! But voting is live!

Topic: Not A Game!

That’s right! A game jam to make software for the Arduboy that is not a game! Make an app of some kind! A good previous example would be the Calculator App, Arduboy Assistant or Music Synth!

Be sure to search the Games Category to find a unique idea that hasn’t been done before!

Submissions will be judged on two scales of most useful and most useless. Happy development!


1st Place: Arduboy + Choice of Micro Arcade Console
2nd Place: Arduboy ( or 2 Micro Arcades)
3rd Place: 1 Micro Arcade

You can choose the Micro Arcade of your Choice!


There are going to be two categories:

  • Most useful
  • Most useless

Users will make two separate votes and the top 3 from either category will win prizes! If by some paradox a game is able to win in both categories then this is allowed!

What is a game Jam?

At the beginning of the event, a topic will be given and you get 2 weeks to create a game based on that idea. Submissions will be judged on a scale detailed at the start of the event.

Can I win prizes?

Yes you can win prizes! Arduboys! Micro Arcades and other secret and special prizes are up for grabs this time around! Traditionally prizes have gone out to a large percentage of contest participants!

How can I join?

Check back here at this post on November 1st for the topic to be announced, then you have 2 weeks to complete your game and upload it to the community within the “Game Jam 4” folder before the deadline.

Can I work in a group?

Absolutely! Teamwork is encouraged. If you work in a group and win the contest, every member of the team will get the prize too!

Can I use pre-existing work?

No, please use stuff that you are creating for the first time. Exceptions: Of course, use the Arduboy library or other openly available libraries. Re-using small elements of code like menu-systems or similar is allowed, but in general it’s encouraged you try something new you haven’t done before.

Can I participate if I don’t have an Arduboy?

Yes for sure! You can use the online Arduboy emulator to write and test your code as well.

How can I get the word out?

Right now, share this post on social media! There are plans to try and run the campaign with so that the visibility of the campaign is even bigger. Nope, there is a competing game jam there, it’s probably not compatible. But you are welcome to make your not-a-game part of another jam if you can figure a way, you’ll get bonus points!

Tell your Ardu-friends!

I’ve got feedback and/or questions!

Great to hear them! Write them below!


WOW! This works out that it’ll be going on before I leave for Asia! I should be able to rock it!


It’s gonna be extra silly this time just a warning!


Oh - you’re leaving like in „forever gone“?

I like game jams! Looking forward to a lot of new concepts

You in Nicole?

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No, as always i am interested in playing, sometimes spreading the word on interesting projects, but not into making games😉

Do teachers even have time to make games?

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Good question :laughing:
Honestly, if i look at my backlog, i‘d say no…

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I was planning to keep my tradition and join in the same timeframe: do you allow the same game to be submitted in two jams at the same time?

What if the theme doesn’t work with the other Jam?

There is a lot of evidence that shows that creativity is easier to achieve when increasing the number of constraints you have to satisfy :slight_smile:
When I made Lagunita, I was submitting to two jams at the same time and I though that Arduboy was going to be a good platform because it added a few restrictions.


wharrgarbl Whargarbl! I was just asking before making this jam if there were any other conflicting ones. It seems like there always is.

Yeah I’ll incorporate their theme too.

This jam will feel different and be more challenging from a concept standpoint.

Tell your friends.

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I see it’s that time once more


I’m looking forward to see what the theme is tomorrow. I almost have my first game done, but I’m going to focus on the Game Jam for the next 2 weeks instead.


It’s gonna be extra silly!

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good thing I have off tomorrow :sunglasses:

Hopefully not so silly people are put off :slight_smile:


Theme: Not a game!

Make an app, something useful. I have several ideas, if you are anxious to develop but are not feeling inspired, private message me for some hints.

Will be judged on two scales, most useful and most useless!

Happy developing! Tell your friends!