Arduboy Game Jam 4: Complete!

Do we need to add the entries here? this is my entry for “most useless”. I cannot think on something more useless.

You can post them here if you want, in order to be a submission you need to have it in the game jam 4 folder.

By the way, the voting will work like this: All games will be in BOTH lists. Users are instructed to vote on the closest fit to the theme in a given list.

I’ve submitted both a useful and a useless entry. I hope that is okay. If not, I am more proud of the useful one!



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Presenting: Egg Master Pro 2020 :egg::trophy:


I think it’s time to Change your credit card sized gaming system into a real credit card :grinning:

By some miracle I have an entry:


17 entries so far, I’m seriously blown out of the water! Just a couple more days for developing!


That’s probably because most of us are competing for “most uselss tool”.
Chindogu programs are more fun to make than sensible ones.

hopefully I can finish my stuff tonight :coffin:

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I got all day tomorrow still right :upside_down_face::coffin:

Yes it closes at the end of the day, or probably whenever I wake up on Saturday more realistically :joy:

Hello everyone! Here is my very silly entry, enjoy :blush::

Up to 21 games what what! This jam single handedly increased the number of Arduboy games software by nearly 10%!

But some aren’t very useful :wink:

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Correction: most aren’t very useful. :P

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Let’s be honest, a lot of the other games weren’t very useful either. :joy:

Not-A-Game Jam ending soon!

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Didn’t think I could make it before the deadline but just submitted my useless Chindogu entry: a self destruct message :bomb:

Here’s my last minute submission:

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The polls are live and will close November 21st!

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I think having the emulator to quickly play all the games inside the browser really has made this jam a lot more fun and interactive. What do you think?