Arduboy Game Jam 4: Complete!

This sounds cool in itself. I have made a couple of fonts 3x5, 3x6 and 4x6 but they all were fixed width fonts. Is your character width encoded in the font data? If so, how have you done that??

I’m thinking of making a metronome, like for practicing a musical instrument. I’d borrow some code from a sample I found on Arduino’s site though, no need to reinvent the whole wheel.

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That’s a really good idea!

Talking about music, is the piezo on the arduboy output only, or can you read from it?
It would be quite cool to make an app that reads the vibrations from a guitar and converts them to midi notes that are streamed through an USB MIDI device…
Or even create a rocksmith that runs on arduboy where it reads a song from EEPROM, shows the notes on screen, reads from the piezo and scores your precision. Although that could be considered a game, hence not fitting this game jam :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can actually do this Id give you the prize right away ! :wink:

It’s output only. You could set either pin as a digital input but I doubt the piezo would generate enough voltage to properly detect a digital high or low transition.

Had one of the pins been on an analogue capable input, you would have at least been able to use it as a “knock” detector (but unfortunately, neither pin is).

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Too bad… I was already taking a look at ArduinoFHT to check if it could run on Arduboy :slight_smile:

A visual speak n spell using ArdVoice
“B” “A” “L” “L” “You spelled BALL” “Correct”


I haven’t written anything in c++ in months lol. Tough one

I think you can get a very faint reading if you tap on the back with reading the piezo over ADC. Not sure, someone test. I thought this was already tested to work?

Its a flashlight?

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I finally found some hours to start the ArduBrain project for this Jam that will collect some mini tests/games to train and test the user’s progress.
I came out with a simple C++ interface that tests should inherit from and implemented the simplest Reflex test.
If anyone wants to contribute implementing one of the minigames specified in initial List, send me a github pull request or a text patch and I’ll gladly add it to the project :slight_smile:

Virual functions and dynamic memory allocation? Goodbye progmem. :P

But on a more serious note: you’re mixing new and free - do not do that. That’s bad.

If the intent was to avoid calling the destructor for fear of memory usage,
you didn’t give Test a virtual destructor, so only Test's destructor will be called,
and Test's destructor is trivial (because it’s implictly defaulted and empty),
so any call to it will be optimised away.

Also technically the comment “tell the arduboy to swap buffers” is incorrect.
The Arduboy only has one buffer and you need at least two buffers to be able to ‘swap’ them.

Like I said, you can’t read the piezo speaker with the ADC. Neither of the pins the speaker is connected to are ADC capable.

Maybe you are referring to the theremin sketch someone made?

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Great, I found an excuse here to power on my Arduboy again and try some ideas…

I’m also glad to find @Vampirics here :slight_smile:

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Is it a single entry per person?

So you typed undefined into a text file and saved it with .hex extension? Not funny. :face_with_monocle:

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Nice detective work … but what would make you think to rename it?

Probably the “(9 Bytes)”. You couldn’t even fit a bootloader in 9 bytes.
(And knowing @Mr.Blinky he’s probably tried. :P)

I’m metaphorically kicking myself for having not noticed that earlier.

Personally I thought it was quite amusing,
if only because it took the best part of a day before someone noticed.

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