Arduboy Game Jam 4: Complete!

Nice job! :slight_smile:
I though of implementing Rule30 as well, but then I went for something else. Are you going to allow randomization of the cellular automaton’s rule?

Updated the image to have the correct end date of 15.

Also clarified there are TWO categories. So the top 3 most useful and top 3 most useless games will all be winners!

Good luck everyone!

Not sure if I should register @Vampirics and my entry on this thread but here it is > Coder's Toolbox [V1.0]

You so should do rule 110 too!

My entry:


My entry: ArduBrain - A brain trainer
It’s still a work in progress and people are welcome to join :slight_smile:

My entry (Most useless)

Game_Jam_Entry.ino.arduino_leonardo.hex (19.2 KB)


Good to see you got it going!


Oh, well, here is my lazy entry (WIP)!

Contest: Arduboy Gam Jam 4
Entry: Most useless app
App: Magic 8 Arduball

Based on the wonderful future prediction of the magic 8 ball.

How to use? Ask something very loud to your arduboy and the magic 8 arduboy will give you some wise advice!

During my internal tests I asked very loud if I should run for this jam, the reply was: “As I see it, yes.” So, here it is!

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What does it say when you ask if you will win the (not a) Game Jam?

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Arduball says: “Don’t count on it” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi guys, here is a small preview of my entry called Egg Master Pro 2020. I have to iron it out a bit so I’m not posting the code yet. Having too much fun :slight_smile:



That is an awesome idea. Have you been doing much testing with real eggs?

I really like the clean look of the graphics!

Yes, I have tested particular egg-boiling techniques for about 40 years. :slight_smile:

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How large is a large egg?
More specifically, will your program be suitable for boiling an ostrich egg? :P

As I said before, this is the best JAM ever!
So many great ideas around!

@Prototype for the Egg Master consider the ability to enter the altitude as well.

This is actually a well documented process :slight_smile:

I love this, this is actually more useful than the Arduboy OS… somehow. No? Voting is going to be intense.

This is so much better then the egg timer I had in mind :+1:

I released “Musicgen Pocket” for this Game Jam!

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