Arduboy Game Jam 4: Complete!

Yes, I have tested particular egg-boiling techniques for about 40 years. :slight_smile:

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How large is a large egg?
More specifically, will your program be suitable for boiling an ostrich egg? :P

As I said before, this is the best JAM ever!
So many great ideas around!

@Prototype for the Egg Master consider the ability to enter the altitude as well.

This is actually a well documented process :slight_smile:

I love this, this is actually more useful than the Arduboy OS… somehow. No? Voting is going to be intense.

This is so much better then the egg timer I had in mind :+1:

I released “Musicgen Pocket” for this Game Jam!

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I’m making a graphing calculator! Here’s a screenshot:
Don’t worry about the visibility of the cursor; I’m planning on including a triangle on the currently selected option.


The battle of the graphing calculators.

As always, I’m seriously impressed by all of the submissions. Every time we do a game jam I think “ok, we’ve seen it all how can they possibly come up with anything new” and then the ideas just blow me out of the water.

Keep it, less an week left to put finishing touches on your submissions. Voting starts on Friday!

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Do we need to add the entries here? this is my entry for “most useless”. I cannot think on something more useless.

You can post them here if you want, in order to be a submission you need to have it in the game jam 4 folder.

By the way, the voting will work like this: All games will be in BOTH lists. Users are instructed to vote on the closest fit to the theme in a given list.

I’ve submitted both a useful and a useless entry. I hope that is okay. If not, I am more proud of the useful one!



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Presenting: Egg Master Pro 2020 :egg::trophy:


I think it’s time to Change your credit card sized gaming system into a real credit card :grinning:

By some miracle I have an entry:


17 entries so far, I’m seriously blown out of the water! Just a couple more days for developing!


That’s probably because most of us are competing for “most uselss tool”.
Chindogu programs are more fun to make than sensible ones.

hopefully I can finish my stuff tonight :coffin:

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I got all day tomorrow still right :upside_down_face::coffin:

Yes it closes at the end of the day, or probably whenever I wake up on Saturday more realistically :joy: