Arduboy Game Jam 4: Complete!

I never programmed for arduboy, I’m not really sure how to start, but I just loved the twist of this idea and I will try to do something, even if its something really small and silly. But I will do my best to participate.

Once again, congratulations for the ideal. It’s really cool!!!



Shout out if you get stuck.

I will be making something too - just need to think of something good.

@filmote Thanks!

I was thinking to do something with Morse Code, but its already done. Let me keep thinking in something else…

Should we announce our idea or we just announce it in the end?


Its up to you … its such a broad topic that there are enough ideas that people shouldn’t steal your idea if you choose to reveal it.

I’ll try to use the jam to wrap up work on new ATMLib and bundle it with a an USB MIDI synth app with USB audio output. :crossed_fingers:


The best idea I came out with that could match the Not A Game theme here and the Leaps&Bounds from GameOff is to make a Non-game, like an application to train your brain and track the progress.
@bateske, would that qualify for this Jam, even if it contains mini games to assess the progress?

Even if that’s considered a non-game, that would be something funny!

Except he has already built it, @Vampirics could have entered his golf companion

I include it here as it might give others ideas.


nice Theme, I will try to contribute a calendar app with notes.

I haven´t found something simular for the arduboy with the search function here.

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That would be interesting … I wonder if you could synchronise data with other apps by pumping some data out via the serial port. You could right a desktop app that reads the serial data and populates Outlook via the API.

It would be one way synchronisation only though … I cannot see how you could bring data back to the Arduboy.


I feel like some Arduboy programming, count me in!

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@filmote good Idea with synchronisation via serial port.

But I think my whole app will be something for the “most useless” category :laughing:

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To bad arduboy doesn’t have a temperature sensor, an arduboy mood ring program would be hilarious lol

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I bet you will not be able to beat my app! It will win the “most useless” category:p

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Someone should make a fart machine. Press a button for a procedural fart sound.

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In fact, I did thought to do something similar, I was thinking to make a replica of the “echo killer”. Those noise chainkeys from the 80s.

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If you are looking for ideas, a Tarot app would be funny

Well there goes my idea.

Though in fairness I was going to use more polite sounds like percussive stings and gameshow-style noises.

(Not that I would have actually got round to making anything.)

This is my first time programming for arduboy. I’m not a programmer either. But thats a good idea. I will keep with my main idea, way way more simple, and depending how it goes, I might take the chalange… but, if anyone else wants to take it, please go ahead! :slight_smile:

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