Arduboy Game Jam 4: Complete!

Maybe you are referring to the theremin sketch someone made?

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Great, I found an excuse here to power on my Arduboy again and try some ideas…

I’m also glad to find @Vampirics here :slight_smile:

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Is it a single entry per person?

So you typed undefined into a text file and saved it with .hex extension? Not funny. :face_with_monocle:

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Nice detective work … but what would make you think to rename it?

Probably the “(9 Bytes)”. You couldn’t even fit a bootloader in 9 bytes.
(And knowing @Mr.Blinky he’s probably tried. :P)

I’m metaphorically kicking myself for having not noticed that earlier.

Personally I thought it was quite amusing,
if only because it took the best part of a day before someone noticed.

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Not sure If the question is directed to me or if I understand it right. But if you open the file with a text editor you’ll see the word undefined. An intel hex file does not contain text.

Even the intel hex ‘End of File’ marker doesn’t fit in 9 bytes

The idea of submitting a hex file that doesn’t do anything could be amusing. But intentionally submitting a bad file isn’t IMO.

The file associations of a HEX file would not normally open it in Notepad … you must have thought, I know - I will see if it has clear text in it!

@Tariq has sent me a PM … he described his ‘program’ to me and it should do more than what he posted. He will probably repost it.

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Yep I thought 9 bytes is way to short for even a single line of hex and thought I had a peek at it’s contents (more thinking it may be an corrupt upload then a prank)

As I added to my prev post (while you were typing), I think it was a corrupted upload or some other error.

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For what it’s worth, Tariq told me before doing that, that he took the hello world example and just edited it. Didn’t really understand the point. But now it’s even worst than I thought if he really just renamed to .hex a text file…

I now understand that he didn’t know what he was doing and it was unintentional.

It may be useful to add some instructions (or a link to) on how to export a hex file using the Arduino IDE and submitting the correct hex file (ie without bootloader) to the first post.

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I released “PI 24k” for this jam. Check it out!

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Here’s my entry, ArduMetronome.


Teaser of what I’m working on


Very Sierpinskiesque.

Nice job! :slight_smile:
I though of implementing Rule30 as well, but then I went for something else. Are you going to allow randomization of the cellular automaton’s rule?

Updated the image to have the correct end date of 15.

Also clarified there are TWO categories. So the top 3 most useful and top 3 most useless games will all be winners!

Good luck everyone!

Not sure if I should register @Vampirics and my entry on this thread but here it is > Coder's Toolbox [V1.0]

You so should do rule 110 too!