Arduboy Game Jam 4: Complete!

I’ve submitted both a useful and a useless entry. I hope that is okay. If not, I am more proud of the useful one!



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Presenting: Egg Master Pro 2020 :egg::trophy:


I think it’s time to Change your credit card sized gaming system into a real credit card :grinning:

By some miracle I have an entry:


17 entries so far, I’m seriously blown out of the water! Just a couple more days for developing!


That’s probably because most of us are competing for “most uselss tool”.
Chindogu programs are more fun to make than sensible ones.

hopefully I can finish my stuff tonight :coffin:

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I got all day tomorrow still right :upside_down_face::coffin:

Yes it closes at the end of the day, or probably whenever I wake up on Saturday more realistically :joy:

Hello everyone! Here is my very silly entry, enjoy :blush::

Up to 21 games what what! This jam single handedly increased the number of Arduboy games software by nearly 10%!

But some aren’t very useful :wink:

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Correction: most aren’t very useful. :P

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Let’s be honest, a lot of the other games weren’t very useful either. :joy:

Not-A-Game Jam ending soon!

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Didn’t think I could make it before the deadline but just submitted my useless Chindogu entry: a self destruct message :bomb:

Here’s my last minute submission:

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The polls are live and will close November 21st!

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I think having the emulator to quickly play all the games inside the browser really has made this jam a lot more fun and interactive. What do you think?



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The Game Jam has come to an end!

The MOST USEFUL games are:

1st Place: Ardutosh by @jhhoward
2nd Place: Egg Master Pro 2020 by @Prototype
3rd Place: Coder’s Toolbox by @filmote and @Vampirics

For the MOST USELESS Category:

1st Place: TV Tuner by @pmwasson
2nd Place: ArduSaver by @Prototype
3rd Place: Chirp by @eried

If one of these people is you then write into with your shipping information to collect your prize!

Thank you to everyone who contributed and participated! The results speak for themselves, there is some really impressive software developers and creative people out there!

Stay tuned in the future for more exciting news! Thanks everyone!