Arduboy Game Jam!

:mega: Announcing the first Arduboy Game Jam this month!

From 12 May - 22 May create a new game alongside others and experience the creative process together!

Why should I join?
You’ve just been donwloading games? Time to make your own!
Top 3 games will win prizes! The winners will be chosen based on how complete the game is, how fun/unique it is, and how well it fits the theme

The games submitted have to match the Game Jam theme…
The Zoo had to close!

How to join?
Simply submit your game on the community forum by 6PM PDT on May 22nd to be entered into the contest

Need some help?
Create a thread in this forum / share your progress on social media with #arduboyjam.
Get help from fellow game developers, or use the forums to create teams or find people to work with!

No Arduboy?
Don’t worry! You can submit a game for PC too.
It just needs to:

  • fit the chosen theme
  • 1-bit
  • can only use 6 buttons
  • be at a resolution of 128x64

Are you ready for a challenge? Game on! :tada:


If you want to form a team, and keep your discussions private, you can create a Private Message (PM) topic. There are various ways to do this. This is one of them:

  • Click on your user icon in the top right corner.
  • Click on the envelope (messages) icon near the top right of the drop-down.
  • Click on New Message near the top left.
  • Enter the user name of a member of your group in the Add a user field. Repeat this for all the group members.
  • The rest is the same as posting to a forum topic.

You can now use this topic for a private discussion amongst the group of users you have specified.


I cannot wait to create another bad-a-word Arduboy game! :slight_smile:

Sweet! I want to make a game but needed a little push like that to start. Still a lot to learn though :slight_smile:


Sweet! Im in. That’s if I can finish it.

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Great idea. I’d love to join in but there is no way i’d get anything done in just 10 days. Some of us have jobs you know !

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What timeline do you think would be more reasonable?

For me personally, it would need to be about a month. I don’t get much time to do anything during the week as by the time I get home from work and have dinner there is only an hour or so before it’s time for bed and up again at 5am.

So that leaves weekends only and these are sometimes booked up with stuff like Medway Makers and other events. Plus we are building a robot for Pi Wars 2018. So time for working on Arduboy stuff is limited.

However, don’t change anything just to suit me, unless lots of other people say they also need more time.



Sometimes working under pressure is better, in any case I am usually finishing things the last days in a rush :confused:

I guess incomplete “demos” can also be presented as submissions for this, so it does need to be a perfect product.

Appreciate the feedback! Yeah we wanted to post it here so that if many other people agree, we can extend the submission… Maybe you can offer to help advise people who are trying to make a game for the jam? :slight_smile:

Sure, always happy to help.

Almost all game jams I’ve been involved in had 2 or 3 days max for their jams. The reason for this is that the games made aren’t supposed to be super crazy fancy or anything like that. Very basic and minimal.

If you’re interested in seeing a game I made in less than 48 hours for a local jam, check this out: Me and 2 other people worked on this game. Even though the jam is over, doesn’t mean we can’t work on it to add more features or flesh it out more. :slight_smile: Having a short amount of time to work on it is the spirit of the jam. =)


Dang my arduboy won’t be here until tomorrow and I have no coding experience, but I’ve been doing some research and I really want to make a real simple and small freeroam game that doesn’t have any point but I want to make like a gameboy or ps1 GTA and I want to call it GRAND THEFT ARDU haha

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Beyond playing with some python and a few adafruit examples on a pi a few years ago I’ve little experience but I’m game to try and knock up something.


I hope this is the theme, pls.


Try to make it fit the theme :wink: You could get help along the way by posting questions on the forums, and you might end up winning some Arduboy swag

Jam jam jam jam jam jam jam jam jam jam jam jam! :grin:


Is there going to be a separate forum for Jam talk during the jam… jam… or should we just post progress to the normal game forum?

Its going to be the same community site, but we’re working on making a separate category for it :slight_smile: