Arduboy Game Jam!

Huh, I missed the deadline. Oh well.

What time zone is PDT anyway? (In terms of UTC.)

Pacific Time Zone (USA), so the same time like cities on the west coast :slight_smile: UTC is 7 hours ahead of PDT.

Right, so PDT is UTC-07:00.

(America has so many time zones I can never keep track.)

Will you still release your game??

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Never actually got round to writing anything concrete, I saw there was a game jam and thought of some ideas but I was too busy fixing an issue in another (secret but not actually secret) project (and watching the entirety of Firefly in one sitting) to get round to checking the deadlines and organising something. Might try next time if I haven’t got anything else eating my time.

(For what it’s worth none of my ideas were particularly good, the best idea I came up with was doing a “Pool’s closed” parody called “Zoo’s closed”, which would probably be a terrible idea even if I censored the hell out of it.)

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Better late than never?!

A group of students and faculty from Bard College at Simon’s Rock have put together a quick preview of a multilingual animal-based matching memory game. It was developed during the last couple of days of the Jam (and the day after the jam!).

Thank you to the organizers of this jam since it really got us moving over the past few days. (Also, this game should not be considered for the official voting since it is quite late … and more importantly, the other games are awesome!)


you dont wish to submit your WIP? :slight_smile:

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OK sure! Please consider V0.1 as a submission. (We’ll post to the “[WIP] Huhuu is Hoo?” thread when V0.2 is ready.)

yes. no times. :cry:
I will give up submitting the contest.

umm… my job disturb my peaceful.
next month, i will submit my game! (not contest game)

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@akkera102 Looking forward to your new games! Your games are always awesome! Take it easy with your job in the meantime.


Hey everyone! I recorded Arduboy plays videos for each of the submissions but it is taking way too long to edit them all. I’ll continue to post them as they are done but I wanted to let you know…

Everyone who contributed a game for the Arduboy Game Jam will recieve a free Arduboy!

So if that’s you please reach out to us using the contact form and let us know your address information and we can ship that reward right out to you!


Damn, now I wish I had put aside time to submit an entry.
Next time I’ll make sure to enter.
(Then I can finally stop ‘borrowing’ my friend’s kickstarter unit.)


Is everyone ready for another jam soon? :star_struck:


ALWAYS! Although I am currently Woking on something I would love a good jam


I’ll clear some space in my calender!

:bomb::spiral_calendar: -> :boom:

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I wish I could but I just haven’t had time to learn enough code to finish my last game and am currently flopping in the wind and failing miserably trying to port an Arduino tamagotchi over to Arduboy plus a few other hardware projects…

!!! Yes! That would be great to have a tamagochi inhabit one of my spare Arduboys. Apart from the usual play eat etc cycles perhaps tie in a battery charge lookup so that the tamagochi nags you for a major recharge meal or something…


I’ve considered making a Tamagotchi in the past but I wasn’t sure how to handle the timing.

Tamagotchis go into a low power mode with a wake-up timer for timed events, but I don’t know if the Arduboy has similar functionality or how to go about using it.


If you need help with anything code-related feel free to ask.


this is one of the projects I was looking at Tamaguino … probably 10 mins of Pharap Fu vs my 10 months + :joy:


Mine would have more classes and be less monolithic :P.
The source code itself is fairly straightforward, there’s just a lot of it.
(I think it would be fairly straightforward to port this by the way. Just substituting the sound and drawing calls and getting rid of the pin stuff should be enough.)