Arduboy Game Loader by TEAM a.r.g

Would you mind trying the latest version, that one generates log files.
Those logs could be interesting for us to figure out what’s going on.

For the next release we added support for both the official Arduino drivers
as well as support for native Windows drivers (ie. detect the Arduboy without anything Arduino related installed)
but no release date yet.

After rebooting my computer the Game Loader does recoginize the arduboy and reboots it into the bootloader, but after that nothing happens, it closes the grey window saying that it has found and is rebooting the device. Once the arduboy reboots it still has the previous game. Here is the log file

2017-01-20 10:51:50.6546 INFO Copying C:\Users\shash\Downloads\gameloader-latest\tmp\tmpAEFE.hex to C:\Users\shash\Downloads\gameloader-latest\tmp\opvbviwh.hex
2017-01-20 10:54:20.2417 INFO Copying C:\Users\shash\Downloads\gameloader-latest\tmp\tmpFAE3.hex to C:\Users\shash\Downloads\gameloader-latest\tmp\nowlhhlw.hex
2017-01-20 10:57:22.9133 INFO Copying C:\Users\shash\Downloads\gameloader-latest\tmp\tmpC474.hex to C:\Users\shash\Downloads\gameloader-latest\tmp\1ni4ro5l.hex
2017-01-20 10:58:13.7593 INFO Copying C:\Users\shash\Downloads\gameloader-latest\tmp\tmp8B11.hex to C:\Users\shash\Downloads\gameloader-latest\tmp\dinlj1m0.hex

Your system specs might also be helpful. I’ve had all sorts of issues trying to get anything Arduino related to work on my Surface Pro 3 for example.

Interesting, I’m using a Surface Pro 1. What issues where you having and where you able to solve them? I wonder if it is something about Surface devices or just a coincidence.

I have had mixed results getting the Arduino IDE to work with the surface pro 3. I haven’t tried the TEAM arg game loader with it yet. I have seen issues online in Arduino forums with people have issues with Surface Pro projects with Arduino, so I think it has to do with them specifically for some reason.

I haven’t been able to find a solution yet, unfortunately.

works like a charm. thanks a lot for your effort to bring us this loader. great code!

@David_Alin_Shaheen we have plans to extend the error reporting to the native avrdude as well,
as soon as I can I’ll publish an updated version.

Quick update:

As it turns out avrdude doesn’t exactly play by the rules.
It outputs errors on stdout instead of stderror which is why the Game Loader assumes
the flash procedure completed successfully. Sometimes it will prefix those errors with an ERROR string
but other times it simply uses the string failed somewhere in the output message.

In the next version, both situations will be observed and handled, that should give you a better idea
of what’s going on behind the scenes.


Uploaded the newer version which catches avrdude errors

Download it here

The SHA1 checksum for the file: CB6AF45161C3BB2C84882F8298956E848895EEF1
Always verify this!
If you are using Windows 10, the built-in bash can be used to run sha1checksum,
otherwise there is HashTab.

Another quick update, the previous one did not have any logging configuration.

SHA1: 80F4FDA2EAB257B22F462DBFC97DB3871D6EDAF3
Download Url: here

How do you load games up via the loader?

I’m a complete noob!


  • First you need to download games/demos (.arduboy files) for example from the TEAM a.r.g. website.
  • Then you import the game (button import)
  • than you connect the Arduboy, put it ON, select a game in the LOADER and press upload.

I’ve done all that but it just sits there doing nothing.

What Windows version are you using ?

I’m using Windows 10. I’m also noticing that I have to switch off my anti virus as it flags up as Malware.

Mmmm strange … What is currently on the Arduboy ?
Also unplug an replug while the Gameloader is opened and retry ?

@phil8715 I know what’s wrong, hang on man, I still haven’t converted all games to the new format SORRY ! I’m on it, give me some time, but could you test with one of our demo’s ? I have finished those:

I’ve got Train Dodge currently installed on the Arduboy.

I was still posting, see previous post :slight_smile:

I’ve successfully uploaded both to my Arduboy.

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