Arduboy Game Loader by TEAM a.r.g


@phil8715 I did Blob Attack first, could you test it? the loader will replace the file (if you already have it) with the new one if you import it.

(Phil Graham) #45

Yes that worked. I didn’t already have it.


@phil8715 all our games and demos have the new .arduboy file. They all should work now.

Thanks for being patient and pointing me to the problem, enjoy our games !

(Phil Graham) #47

Thank you.

My other problem is that when I downloaded the loader it keeps flagging up as Malware. I currently have to have anti virus switched off.

As soon as I switch it back on it flags up as Malware and automatically deletes the executable file.

I added the loader to the firewall exception but it’s still happening.

Any ideas?



@phil8715 could you send me a screenshot of the loader with the malware detection window by Private Message ?

(Phil Graham) #49

It’s ok. I think it’s working now.

(Timothy) #50

What version of Windows and what AntiVirus.

(Phil Graham) #51

I’m using Windows 10 with Windows Defender.

I’ve sorted it out.


@phil8715 great you sorted it out, BUT could you still post a screenshot (with the loader and the antivirus popups together) ? From this we can learn.

(Boti Kis) #53

Any update on the os x version?


focussing on the ATM editor for now …
@delegatevoid is there time left to start the mac version yet ?

(Timothy) #55

I’m a little busy at the moment :slight_smile:
And the Windows version still needs some updates first

(Lennart N.) #56

For me the Game Loader doesn’t even find my Arduboy. But it works with the other programs like Arduino and Arduboy Manager