Arduboy Game Loader by TEAM a.r.g

@phil8715 I did Blob Attack first, could you test it? the loader will replace the file (if you already have it) with the new one if you import it.

Yes that worked. I didn’t already have it.

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@phil8715 all our games and demos have the new .arduboy file. They all should work now.

Thanks for being patient and pointing me to the problem, enjoy our games !

Thank you.

My other problem is that when I downloaded the loader it keeps flagging up as Malware. I currently have to have anti virus switched off.

As soon as I switch it back on it flags up as Malware and automatically deletes the executable file.

I added the loader to the firewall exception but it’s still happening.

Any ideas?


@phil8715 could you send me a screenshot of the loader with the malware detection window by Private Message ?

It’s ok. I think it’s working now.

What version of Windows and what AntiVirus.

I’m using Windows 10 with Windows Defender.

I’ve sorted it out.

@phil8715 great you sorted it out, BUT could you still post a screenshot (with the loader and the antivirus popups together) ? From this we can learn.

Any update on the os x version?

focussing on the ATM editor for now …
@delegatevoid is there time left to start the mac version yet ?

I’m a little busy at the moment :slight_smile:
And the Windows version still needs some updates first

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For me the Game Loader doesn’t even find my Arduboy. But it works with the other programs like Arduino and Arduboy Manager

Uh this is happening and i have tried Restarting my computer, Uninstalling it, and turning on and off my arduboy

Have you got the Arduino IDE installed?

Yes I do have it, The program used to work and then all the sudden it stopped

“The Program” being the game loader or the IDE?

I’m assuming you’re on Windows.
Does your computer make the USB-connect noise when you plug your Arduboy in?
Are you able to upload a sketch using the IDE?

The game loader used to work, I am on windows, My computer does make a noise when I plug in my aruduboy, and I can upload sketches

Move on and install @eried’s loader instead :slight_smile: It definitely works on Windows.


Oh thank you it works well.

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