Arduboy GB

Currently Im trying to make a bigger and more Gameboy Like Arduboy called the Arduboy GBIt would use the Flash cartridge design by @Mr.Blinky to store multiple games.

it would have a TFT LCD screen even though the OLED looks better this would give it a more retro vibe and doesn’t have a risk of screen burning since most OLED’s do have that risk.

Finally a slightly bigger design with a space to insert AA batterys since retro vibe and also so you don’t need to charge it and have 6 hours of life instead however many hours come from 2 or 4 AA batterys and the retro vibe.

I will have a ATmega1284 replacing the

If anyone has any recommendations it would be great to know.

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A switchable backlight for the LCD

You may be interested in my findings (scroll up to see the first version, scroll down from that link to see stuff related to the second, in-progress version).

I used a UC1701-based 2.4" LCD in the first version of my homemade. The problem was screen refresh rate, which worked fine for e.g. Minesweeper but would not have allowed fast games to work (at least with the configuration I had). I could not say whether you could use a parallel interface (as opposed to SPI) or change any of the contrast/chargepump/clock registers to make it work better at speed. Apart from the ghosting, I loved the way it looked.

For power, I originally intended a lithium cell-based system and that was more complicated than my current setup with 2x AA batteries, a switching boost circuit (very cheap, based on ME2188) and some switching and an LDO to allow USB power without messing with the batteries. Seems to work fine. You could move to 3x AA batteries and you wouldn’t need the switching regulator, just a diode/mosfet/switch controlled input into a 3.3V LDO from the USB and battery.


thanks I’ll try to figure that out. It may take some time since I’m pretty new to Arduboy.

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here’s some quick Designs of what It could look like after its complete

With the wider build it would allow the @Mr.Blinky Flash Cartridge to be in a similar place the gameboys cartridge slot and make it better for bigger hands since the Arduboy is pretty small

I don’t have much experience with Arduboys as I have already said any help on this project would help it go by fast (However delayed since Quarantine)

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@ArduDog what is your experience level with electronics, soldering, coding etc in general? If we understand what you have already been able to do, perhaps we can identify the specific areas you may benefit from the experience of forum members. Do you think you will design a custom PCB and solder individual components directly to it or are you more comfortable soldering modules together with wire?

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@SimonMerrett mostly I have done a lot of electronic projects I was able to make a Linux Smartphone in November last year and have done lots of soldering and I know 5 metric tons of knowledge about electronics just not Arduino/Arduboy.

A DIY Arduboy should be a doddle for you, once you get more comfortable. So does the module route or custom PCB route seem most appealing at this stage?

custom PCBs
(The Cartridge PCB is just the same as @Mr.Blinky PCB design however the Shell is bigger so the Header is flush with the rest of the cartridge which looks a lot better)

What kind of connector do you have in mind for the carts?

As of right now some pins Im trying to figure out how the flash cartridge works (check out the Flash Cartridge topic) Personally I don’t understand the designs and haven’t found a image of the Male header connecting to the Arduboy

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Do you mean this?

no not the header on the cart the header on the system I don’t know how in connects

That’s not the male part, surely? Perhaps you’re looking for this thread:

Im looking at the later Cartridge

So you’re looking for this?

yes any images of it?

I think we might be misunderstanding what you need images of. Forgive me if this comes across as patronising but isn’t the connector just a standard 0.1" / 2.54mm single row header pin/socket?

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I don’t have any parts yet so I can’t say for sure but I think it is

OK, so that’s sorted for now. Did you have any more thoughts on power strategy? I am finding that the cheap AAA and AA battery holders that have plastic which wraps around the battery cylinder to hold it in place are very difficult to remove batteries from and I have cut a section away so I can gently pry the battery out from underneath. Conclusion: don’t scrimp on usable/ergonomic battery holders.