Arduboy GB

At my suggestion, @Mr.Blinky has defined the previously unused pin 8 as Arduino Pin A5. This allows one ADC input.

Well a LCD screen to replace the OLED (Look at the First post for why)

Unless you can find a 128 x 64 pixel LCD that has a controller that’s compatible with the SSD1306 (and I don’t know of any), then there isn’t an LCD replacement for the OLED.

OK hopefully there is one out there which would have a good refresh rate and a backlight

I don’t know why and this has nothing to do with the 90s Arduboy (Currently making the 3D print) But I have a game Idea of you raiding the store for Toilet Paper, stealing other peoples, and exiting the Store with all the Toilet Paper. Such Beauty

Refresh rate isn’t going to be great, but you can use a ST7565 LCD (there is support for it in @Mr.Blinky’s homemade boards package), like I did here:

…or you could use the original GameBoy LCD like I did here :sweat_smile:

Hey Thanks for the Info I looks like it takes up a lot of space so hopefully there’s also a way to make it smaller however it’s great that A good LCD does Exist

Just a quick update on the project currently the parts are on there way (Besides the LCD screen still trying to find a small and good screen please reply recommendations for the screen)

Since I have almost got most of the parts (No LCD screen yet please link small good LCD screens) I want to know if anyone wants any other features to the 90’s Arduboy (Which should probaly get a different name reply any suggestions)

I made this as concept art but Im wondering if anyone would like this game to be made. Personally I have no experience with C and have some from C++ by Making a funny game for my friend in Unreal engine for April fools but besides this no experience what so ever

I get the impression that no-one has given you a strong recommendation for an LCD screen because no-one in this community has managed to find and drive one with sufficient speed and clarity that you’d be able to make most games look good or even playable on it. So you may want to do some experiments, like I did with the 2.4" UC1701 lcd I bought from Perhaps it would be interesting to see if the Nokia 5110 screen can be pressed into service (although it doesn’t have good pixel mapping to arduboy games) PCD8544 Fast Library demo - YouTube where apparently the render times are in microseconds but continuous animation isn’t shown.


Don’t make games to please others, make games because you want to make them.

If you want to make the game, just make it.
You may succeed, or you may fail, but either is better than not trying.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

(Also, for the record, the Arduboy is programmed with C++.)


Do or Do not there is no try

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I been looking at screens since I need something to do well I’m waiting for the parts to come and If also seen some TFT Lcd screens which would be a middle ground between the LCD screens similar to the old Game and Watch systems and the OLED screen of modern smartphones and the Arduboy (Wow one other thing similar between these too besides the lack of the headphone jack but the Arduboy is so thin you couldn’t fit it on there)


Where did you find the keyboard extension?

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The Flashcart page @n602 made this

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Coming Soon


If I learned anything from SEGA its making dumb add-ons which you barely support and then surprisingly release and next gen system which you also barely support

Very Good idea

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