Arduboy Github

Now you can work on getting ownership of the Arduboy GitHub account. :wink:


Pretty sure I contacted them at the time and didn’t get a response. Been trying to get the twitter too.

The Arduboy subreddit is back!


Someone make a cool post on the reddit post some of your home mades or games or something :slight_smile:

Get the ball rolling here there

I added a link related to my release of waternet. I’ll also make some cool video you guys have not seen before but need to set it up first… Hint: i did a similar video for gamebuino meta :wink:

Ownership has been got!

Um, need to put the libraries back how do I do that?

It appears that all the repositories are here:

Any chance you can get them to just make this the Arduboy repository?

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Who is they and what do you mean by the Arduboy repository?

That is Ar-zz-duboy and is owned buy some random person I don’t know. I got control of the Arduboy user account where the old arduboy library was hosted so I need to put them back. I think I can just for them back from this account? I can also pull over the arduboy2 library so it’s all hosted in one spot too. If that’s what you mean?

By they I meant whoever gave you control of the Arduboy user account.

Owner Ar-zz-duboy is where I got to when I clicked on the link for the Arduboy library in my Arduboy2 library’s file. That link is:

You’ll notice this link is for owner Arduboy, not Ar-zz-duboy. Since any URL for an original Arduboy repository somehow redirects to owner Ar-zz-duboy, (e.g. will take you to, I assumed that Ar-zz-duboy was a renamed owner for the original Arduboy repositories that you didn’t have control of, with some kind of redirection set up.

Therefore, I was hoping that the “Powers That Be” could simply rename owner Ar-zz-duboy back to Arduboy and give you control of it and all its underlying repositories, thus replacing the empty Arduboy account that you have now.

I would continue to pursue this idea. If it tuns out it can’t be done, then maybe the best way is to do a complete of pull of each repository from Ar-zz-duboy to a local machine and then push it to your new Arduboy account on GitHub. I can give you help with this if you need it.

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As more evidence that account Ar-zz-duboy is actually the original Arduboy account, look at my fork of the Arduboy library. It says:
forked from Ar-zz-duboy/Arduboy

I forked that repository from Arduboy/Arduboy, not Ar-zz-duboy/Arduboy
(I didn’t even know Ar-zz-duboy existed until today.)

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The short version of what @MLXXXp is trying to ascertain:

Did you actually ask GitHub to give the account back over to you or randomly try to create an Arduboy account and found that you were able to?

If it was the former, whoever did it didn’t actually give you control, they renamed the existing account and gave you a new account with the old name.

If it was the latter, whoever owned the Arduboy account renamed it, but all the Arduboy stuff is still redirecting, at least until you fill the new Arduboy account with the same repositories.

By the way, you might want to consider making it an organisation instead. Though it probably depends on what sort of things you’re planning to host there and what else you’re actually planning to do with the account.


For what it’s worth; I still have collaborator privileges for all the Ar-zz-duboy repositories except ArduboyClassic (which I never had privileges for). That is:

It looks like github took the old account and renamed it to ard-zz-duboy but somehow the url links are maintained?

Yes, there’s some kind of redirect happening unless you just go to the Arduboy account, not a project repository.

Also, is not redirected, so you currently get a 404 error. It’s kind of important to get this fixed because that’s where the URL for the board support .json file is and the rest of the board support files.


Of course github switches my account in the middle of a family vacation. I’ll try to have it fixed as soon as I can.


If you create a fresh repository named and make me a collaborator for it, I can mirror it from the Ar-zz-duboy account for you. That should fix the boards files breakage. You can leave the description blank and not create a file.
Create a repo - GitHub Docs
Inviting collaborators to a personal repository - GitHub Docs.

My account/user name on GitHub is the same as here: MLXXXp

The rest isn’t so urgent because of the automatic redirection that’s happening.

Again, in the long run the best solution to this is to get GitHub to make you the owner of the Ar-zz-duboy account, delete this new Arduboy account and rename Ar-zz-duboy back to Arduboy.


I’ll msg github and see if they can do that. I didn’t closely read their resolution options I guess… I figured this is what was going to happen. But both of the options required me to create a new pseudo account to become the new /arduboy but apparently it was an internal link change.

I should probably remember that they are technically Microsoft employees now lol.